Busi 530 Corporate Finance Home work 3

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Assume that market and book values are equal for current assets, current liabilities, and debt and other long-term liabilities. SIMPLIFIED BALANCE SHEET OF GOOD FORTUNES, INC. FOR MAY 31, 2010 (Millions of dollars) Current assets $ 7,296 Current liabilities $ 4,657 Plant, equipment and other long-term assets 17,642 Debt and other long-term liabilities 6,458 Shareholders’ equity 13,823 Total assets $ 24,938 Total liabilities and equity $ 24,938 Note: Shares of stock outstanding: 326 million. Book value of equity (per share): 13,823/326 = $42.40. The stock price is $81.60. a. Construct a market-value balance sheet from the above data. (Be sure to list the assets and liabilities in order of their liquidity. Enter your answers in millions rounded to 2 decimal places.)
    Busi 530 Corporate Finance Home work 3

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