BUS520 Week 8 Discussion 1 and 2

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Discussion 1

"Inspirational and Relational Leadership Perspectives"Please respond to the following:


 From the first e-Activity, evaluate whether the decision to expose the company’s culture, strategy, and secrets to outsiders was or was not a good idea. Determine how this decision affected the main stakeholders of the company.

ii. From the second e-Activity, determine whether or not Zappos’ idea could be utilized in your current or previous place of employment and in what way(s). If it cannot be applied in your current or previous place of employment, create a scenario in which it could.  Support your reasoning.


Discussion 2

"Moral Leadership" Please respond to the following:


From the Research Insight, determine how the values of the CEO might affect the mission, vision, and members of an organization. Propose ways that you could learn the values of your university president or campus dean and how you can use this information.

Less than 16 percent of board members in major U.S. corporations are female. Suggest at least three (3) reasons why women are so under represented on the boards of these major U.S. corporations. Propose two ways that women can increase their representation on boards. Determine whether or not an all-male or an all-female board would be an issue, given the current state of affairs. Support your reasoning.

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