BUS 517 Midterm Exam Part 1

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1. Which of these is not part of the “technical dimension” of project management?

2. Which of the following activities is not considered a project?

3. From among the following activities, which is the best example of a project?

4. Which of the following constraints is not typically found in managing projects?

5. In which of the following stages is it determined what the project will entail, when it will be scheduled, whom it will benefit, and what the budget will be?

6. Integration of all project processes and practices to improve Project Management is due to

7. A professional organization for project management specialists is the

8. The waste on failed projects and cost overruns is estimated in the neighborhood of

9. Project selection criteria are typically classified as:

10. Which of the follow is not one of the commonly heard comments of project managers?

11. Which of the following questions does the organization’s mission statement answer?

12. A major project proposal form will likely include all of the following except:

13. Which of the following would not be classified as an organizational threat?

14. A project screening matrix typically contains all of the following except:

15. Which of the following terms is often used to denote a project that a powerful, high-ranking official is advocating?

16. Which of the following is not one of the characteristics of effective objectives?

17. All are negotiated issues except:

18. Kim is reviewing a proposed project. The scope of the project is narrow with a lot of in-depth expertise required and it will take a short period of time to complete. The best choice for organizing the project is ________ organization.

19. The Organizational Culture Diagnosis Worksheet classifies cultural characteristics into all of the following except:

20. Organizational culture is best explained as organizational

21. Which of the following combinations represents the extremes of project organization?

22. The Macintosh development team at Apple is a good example of what kind of project structure?

23. Projectitis is most likely to occur in the _______ organization structure.

24. The project manager has the responsibility to answer which of the following questions?

25 .Which of the following cultural characteristics relates to the degree to which management focuses on outcomes rather than on techniques and processes used to achieve those results?

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    BUS 517 Midterm Exam 1

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