BUS 415 (Business Law ) Week 5 Complete A+ Graded

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BUS 415 (Business Law)


Week 5


Week 5 DQ 1


What is the chronological order of the major legislation that makes up the history of employment law in this country? For each law, state the social problem the law was designed to address, and discuss how employment law has affected the workplace in thelast two decades.


Week 5 DQ 2


Your employee, Tom Smith, believes women are treated as inferiors in the department where he works. He has complained to his supervisor, Doug Greer, who is also your employee, and to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Greer has responded by reducing Smith's salary and opportunities for overtime. Does Smith have a case against your company? If so, describe his cause of action and what he must prove to recover.



Week 5 Assignment:


Business Entities, Control, Taxation and Liability Laws & Regulations (1750+ Words)


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    BUS 415 (Business Law ) Week 5 Complete A+ Graded

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