BUS 317 Week 2 Quiz - A Graded - Best Tutorial - All Questions Answered Correctly

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Question 1.Selecting the focus of an advertising visual is an important step in the creative process. Which of the following is LEAST likely to be the focus for an ad visual?

  •   The package itself   
  •   Public relations value   
  •   Negative appeal   
  •   Product comparison   
  •   Testimonials

Question 2.For which of the following projects would an ad agency be MOST likely to develop a dummy? 

  •   A point-of-purchase display for Claritin allergy medication.   
  •   A radio ad for Olive Garden restaurants.   
  •   A television ad for Pepperidge Farms products.   
  •   A magazine ad for Healthy Choice frozen meals.   
  •   An interstate billboard for a local radio station. 

Question 3.GE uses "Imagination at Work" as its slogan. La-Z-Boy Incorporated uses the slogan "Comfort. It's what we do." Why do these international companies find it necessary to use slogans? 

  •   To prevent ad obfuscation   
  •   To ensure the achievement of the advertiser's marketing objectives   
  •   To create a euphemistic image   
  •   To provide continuity for an ad campaign   
  •   To provide quick recognition at the point of purchase   

Question 4.Who is ultimately responsible for the final form an ad takes? 

  •   The graphic designer   
  •   The creative director   
  •   The media planner   
  •   The art director   
  •   The PR representative

Question 5.Truly great ads have certain characteristics in common. These characteristics are referred to as:   metaphors and similes.   

  •   audience resonance and strategic relevance.   
  •   the ability to break through perceptual barriers and complete information.   
  •   the informational and transformational dimensions.   
  •   emotional and rational appeals.   

Question 6.Harry & David is a catalog retailer that specializes in fruit gifts, but it does not see itself as just a merchant of fruit. By setting _____ objectives, the retailer can views itself as a gift provider and act accordingly.

  •   need-satisfying   
  •   sales-driven   
  •   sales-target   
  •   production-oriented   
  •   environmental   

Question 7.Picture an ad for a radio station showing two distinct commuters in their cars listening to drive-time radio. One has a blissfully content smile on her face, while the other looks exceedingly concerned and stressed. The announcer says, "One of these commuters is relaxing to Soft Rock 94. Can you guess which one?" According to the creative pyramid, this type of comparative advertising can be used to build an ad's:

  •   desire.   
  •   awareness.   
  •   interest.   
  •   credibility.   
  •   attention.   

Question 8.Who is responsible for writing the words for a billboard ad for a new line of Carhartt Western wear for women? 

  •   The layout artist   
  •   The creative director   
  •   The copywriter   
  •   The graphic designer   
  •   The art director 

Question 9.Why would a company set need-satisfying objectives? 

  •   To create demand in a static environment.   
  •   To take full advantage of the consumer trend to eat out more.   
  •   To shift its organizational structure from a transformational to a transactional mode.   
  •   To shift the organization's view from a production orientation to concern for the needs of its target market.   
  •   To provide equity to its stakeholders.

Question 10.Starbucks Coffee Company, expanded from bottled Frappuccino to two canned products—Doubleshot in 2002 and Starbucks Iced Coffee, which was introduced last year. While all are coffee-based products, each has a slightly different consumer base. Doubleshot is advertised as a morning beverage, Frappuccino, an afternoon treat and Starbucks Iced Coffee as an all-day product. What approach to positioning is Starbucks using? 

  •   Cultural symbol   
  •   Product class   
  •   Product use/application   
  •   Marketing mix   
  •   Price/quality   

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    BUS 317 Week 2 Quiz - A Graded - Best Tutorial - All Questions Answered Correctly

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