BUS 317 Week 1 Quiz - A Graded - Best Tutorial - All Questions Answered Correctly

Question 1.The billboard that displays an advertisement for a new Internet service provider is an example of a medium. 

  •   True
  • False   

Question 2.A marketer of Kikkoman brand soy sauce would need to stimulate selective demand for its new line of low-sodium sauces. 

  •   True
  • False   

Question 3.When Lisa thinks about taking a class in conversational Italian, she thinks of it as a way to challenge her intellect. When Megan thinks about taking a class in conversational Italian, she thinks how much fun it will be to visit Italy once she knows the language. Their differing opinions most likely result from differences in: 

  •   perceptions.   
  •   motivations.   
  •   attitudes.   
  •   cognitive learning.   
  •   social class.   

Question 4.One of the primary roles of advertising is to communicate product utility.

  •   True
  • False   

Question 5.A good copy should contain all the information intended to be communicated in a few pertinent, succinct points.  

  •   True
  • False   

Question 6.An example of negatively-originated motives that energize consumer behavior would be finding the milk carton empty and wanting cereal for breakfast. 

  •   True
  • False   

Question 7.Tina is a new student at a private academy. She values the opinions of her new classmates and tries to dress just like them. She watches the same television shows they watch and tries to copy their hair style and the way they stand. For Tina, her new classmates are a(n):

  •   approval center.   
  •   focus group.   
  •   standard bearer.   
  •   cultural norm.   
  •   reference group.   

Question 8.People who might buy Muir Glen brand organic soups are vegetarians, people who want to try something different, people who like soup, people who don't have time to cook and people who worry about putting chemicals in their bodies. These various groups who may be in the market for Muir Glen soups are all examples of: 

  •   innovators.   
  •   market segments.   
  •   market aggregations.   
  •   diffusers.   
  •   buying centers.   

Question 9.The sale of traditional brands of chocolate candy bars is declining. The manufacturers of candy have noticed that the demand for energy-boosters is up. As a result, they have introduced a new type of candy bar called "buzz bars." The new candy bars have 60 milligrams of caffeine, plus taurine and B vitamins. The candy industry had to create _____ for buzz bars. 

  •   primary demand   
  •   par value   
  •   secondary demand   
  •   utilitarian worth   
  •   market value   

Question 10.:Within Jon's perception process, the smell of sawdust at the lumber yard was an example of a stimulus. 

  •   True
  • False   

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    BUS 317 Week 1 Quiz - A Graded - Best Tutorial - All Questions Answered Correctly

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