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  • Communicating in the workplace provides us with opportunities to both listen and express ourselves effectively or ineffectively. As the the video titled “A Failure to Communicate” (2 min 28 s) located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ox5LhIJSBE demonstrates, it only takes a few seconds to initiate a communication breakdown. From the e-Activity, discuss the major interferences that can cause workplace miscommunications. Consider topics from your readings this week, including ethnocentrism, kinesic messages, and role perceptions.
  • Describe a situation where you personally experienced (or became aware of) communication interferences that had a negative consequence.

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Communication is key but the places that I feel it is mostly needed is the workplace. Failure to communicate your thoughts,ideas,or intentions properly could cause a major breakdown not only in the workplace but in your daily living. When communicating your thoughts with others you have to consider their educational,as well as possible background to insure that you do not offend a person's character or ineffectively get your point across due to uncertainty. School,work,and even simple messages to peers should always be clear so that you are represented in the way that you desire. Correct spelling and grammar can take your message a long way. You also have to watch your tone when communicating,especially in your workplace. The wrong tone could result in an individual feeling harassed or belittled.

  • I have witnessed many forms of bad etiquette through emails and messages that had negative consequences. A former co-worker wrote an email to another co-worker expressing her frustration with her work performance and while doing so she made a statement that the company deemed as racist and was terminated because the receiving co-worker had evidence of the incident which was the email itself. The correct action was to seek a superior to mediate the situation before it escalated. This is another reason emails should remain proper and professional as they can also be used against you. Avoid the urge to use shorthand as you would if you were communicating via text or social media as this can also be misinterpreted. 

    I look forward to all of your thoughts.

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