BUS 308 Statistics for Managers - Ashford - Week 3 Discussions

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Interval Data.

A courier service in a large city tracks the number of deliveries they are asked to make by 10 clients both before and after offering a progressive discount for repeat business. Their goal is to assess the effects of the discount.

a. What is the most appropriate statistical test in this situation? Why?

b. Are there significant differences in the number of deliveries?

c. If the goal is to promote repeat business, should the discount be continued?



An employment agency gathers the following data on its clients:

a) Age

b) Gender

c) Educational level (no high school, high school, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s)

d) Years of past experience

e) Whether or not they have been successfully placed in employment by the agency

Additionally, the following data is gathered for those who have been successfully placed:

a) Starting salary

b) Current salary

c) Tenure in months

Based on the information above answer the following questions:

a. Which type of correlation procedure would be most appropriate to gauge the relationship between each pair of variables?

b. Do you expect each pair of variables to be significantly correlated or not? Why?


c. For the variables you expect to be significantly correlated, what do you expect the direction of the relationship to be? Why?

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