BUS-240-2374-Information Tech in Business

Class :BUS-240-2374-Information Tech in Business-07/2016
Assignment :Week 6- Predictive Analytics or Predictive Analytics in Schools
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Due Date :Mon, Aug 12, 2016 11:55 PM MST
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Option 1
Technology innovation is one way to improve the future. Currently, Predictive Analytics is using data to predict the likelihood of future occurrences and/or events.

Address how Predictive Analytics can impact the following components:

• Law Enforcement
• Healthcare
• Career
• Transportation

Write a paper of approximately 750 words or Create a PowerPoint of approximately 7–10 slides.

Format your paper using the West Writing Style Handbook  guidelines.

Option 2
Imagine you are the manager of a technology company that provides K-12 School Districts software that allows teachers real-time access to students that are medically homebound and cannot attend the traditional classroom.

Since all public school budgets are posted online as part of public domain, your organization has access to the School District basic budget.

Write a paper of approximately 750 words that addresses the following:

• How can you use predictive analytics to determine best-fit companies for you to engage as new customers? Additionally, you need to answer the following and explain the act(s) you will take:
o Which accounts will your team pursue first and why those accounts?
o How likely are school districts to buy from you, and when?
o Which value proposition will you highlight with a specific account and why?
o What kind and form of communication (e-mail or phone call, for example) will get you the best customer engagement?

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