Discussion 1

Of the three leadership styles (authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire), what style comes easiest for you? Describe how people respond to you when you use this style. Now think about a current or past supervisor, what was their leadership style? Was it effective? Explain your rationale.
Guided Response: Review several of your peers’ posts and identify the leadership style that you can relate to. Respond to at least two of your peers and provide recommendations to extend their thinking.  Challenge your peers by asking a question that may cause them to reevaluate their choice of leadership style. Respond to two of your peers’ posts.


Discussion 2

Describe your own style in relation to task and relationship orientations? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How can you improve? 

Guided Response: Analyze several of your peers’ posts. Respond to at least two of your peers and explain how knowing their strengths and weaknesses could be of assistance to them in current or future leadership positions. Suggest any additional insights into leadership as it relates to task- and relationship-oriented styles.

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