BSOP 588 Managing Quality Week 4 Complete and Midterm Devry

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Week 4

Devry BSOP – 588

Workforce and Leadership for Excellence in Quality Management - Discussion

1) Quality Focus

 2) Alignment of Strategy and Quality Mgmt. (graded)

·       Devry BSOP – 588 Week 4 Midterm (Essay Questions)

Grade Details - All Questions


Question :

(TCO A) Discuss how a fast-food restaurant could measure its quality effectiveness using each of the following definitions of quality: product-based, user-based, value-based, and manufacturing-based.


Question :

(TCO B) Explain each of the following statements as they apply to modern quality management.

a. Customer service is the rule, not the exception.
b.. The absence of defects is a given rather than a source of competitive advantage.


Question :

(TCO A) Explain the three core principles of total quality.


Question :

(TCO H) Discuss how front-line employees are critical to customer assessment of service quality. Identify the challenges faced by front-line employees.


Question :

(TCO B) Cite two ways that the accounting function can contribute to the achievement of quality.


Question :

(TCO C) Deming states that knowledge is not possible without theory, and experience alone does not establish a theory. Explain this statement as it applies to management decision m

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    BSOP 588 Managing Quality Week 4 Complete and Midterm Devry

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