BSOP 326 Midterm Exam Solution

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BSOP 326 Midterm Exam Solution


(TCO 6) The use of __________ teams composed of senior managers is prevalent in TQM organizations.


(TCO 6) Effective strategic development in total-quality organizations requires consideration of all of the following, except ______________.



(TCO 3) The Deming Prize was established in which of the following countries?



TCO 3) All of the following are true regarding ISO 9000 series, except ________.



(TCO 1) A consumer purchases a generic product at a cost of $5.00 instead of the competing brand-name product that sells for $7.00. The consumer feels that there is no difference in quality between the generic and brand-name products. This scenario illustrates which of the following definitions of quality?



(TCO 1) During the Middle Ages, quality was built into the final product. This approach to quality was lost with the advent of ________.



(TCO 1) Until the start of the 1980s, most U.S. companies focused on maintaining quality levels by utilizing which of the following practices?



(TCO 2) In any system, final inspection attempts to perform all of the following functions, except ___________.



(TCO 2) Services are generally _____ intensive, whereas manufacturing is more _____ intensive.



(TCO 2) Services differ from manufactured goods in which of the following ways?



(TCO 2) Which of the following is NOT generally true about service organizations?



(TCO 3) Companies have utilized the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award mostly for the purpose of ________.



(TCO 5) “Moments of truth” are instances when which of the following occurs?



(TCO 5) Which of the following is not true about the American Customer Satisfaction Index?




(TCO 7) Most companies still use traditional measures, such as __________, as a basis for compensation, while more progressive organizations use measures, such as __________.



(TCO 4) Deming claimed that higher levels of _____ lead to higher levels of _____.



(TCO 4) Which of the following is true regarding inspection under the Deming philosophy?



(TCO 8) The key stages of a team’s life cycle include all of the following, except for ________.



(TCO 4) Deming’s Profound Knowledge consists of four elements. Answer the following three parts relating to the “psychology” element of Deming’s Profound Knowledge. Your discussion should relate to this element of Deming's Profound Knowledge and not to psychology in general



(TCO 6) Answer the following three parts relating to the situational leadership theory:




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    BSOP 326 Midterm Exam Solution

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