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bsiness homework

Why is Visual Literacy Important

Watch Brian Kennedy’s TedTalk: Brian Kennedy: Visual Literacy and Why We Need It  (, and address the following questions:

  1. Compare and contrast Kennedy’s definition of visual literacy with the textbook’s definition. 
  2. Explain how visual literacy can be considered a universal language.
  3. Examine how visual literacy can impact communication and global understanding.


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Importance of Visual Literacy

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xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx OF VISUAL LITERACY 1 IMPORTANCE OF xxxxxx LITERACY � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx �2�

Importance xx xxxxxx Literacy



Importance xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xVisual literacy xx being xxxx xx intemperate images, xxxx and even xxxxxxx that do xxx have texts xxxxx xxxxx xxxx them. xxxx the textbook xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx agree that visual literacy xx x universal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx goes ahead to argue xxxx a xxxxxx xxxxxxxx person is not xxxx capable of xxxxxx xxx is xxxx able xx interpret xxx mentally xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xx xxx images.

Visual xxxxxxxx is a global xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx interpret xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx unlike xxx of texts xxxx xxx xx in different kinds xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx For instance xx xxxxxxxxx environments, xxxxxx literacy xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx learning since xx have people from xxxxxxxxx cultures learning xx x group. xx just looking and xxxxxxx xxx xxx meaning xxxx just xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx people

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