BSHS 406 Week 2 Individual Assignment / Gender Class and Race

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Complete the Women and Men and the Family Life Cycle chart. Complete the following chart and questionnaire: Differences of Men and Women in the Changing Life Cycle Select two families with which you are familiar (families in real life or families in television). The two families should have some variety in terms of race and class. For each family, draw a genogram. Refer to Ch. 5 of The Expanded Family Life Cycle for an example of a genogram. Answer the following questions: • How are the two families different in terms of race and class? • How do race and class impact each family’s access to opportunities in terms of education, career, life style, and so on? • Select one individual from each family who are of a similar age. How might race and class impact their access to opportunity in different stages of life (children, adolescent, adult, and later life)? • What are the trends of the local and state welfare system that may affect each family? What are the effects? Scored:5/5
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    PSY 406 Week 2 Gender Class and Race / (Scored: 5/5)

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