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BSHS 375 Week 4 Individual Assignment Database – Invoice Report

Create automatic sort for the data on the Encounter worksheet. Go to the Invoice Report worksheet and create an invoice report that can be printed for a selected client showing the dates that they were seen at the facility and the amount due.


BSHS/375 Week 4 Individual Assignment Database – Invoice Report

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BSHS 375 Week 4 Individual Assignment Database – Invoice Report

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Week x Individual Assignment xxxxxxxx – Invoice xxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (131 words)


Client's xxxxxxxxxxxCity StateZip Phone xxxxxx Date of xxxxx Agexxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Security xxxxxx


Client's xxxx xxxxxxxxx Seenxxxxxxx Providedxxxx of xxxxxxxHours xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx Due xxxxxx Paid
Allen, Mikexxx xxxxx psychiatrist 2/22/13 3 xxxx $250
xxx Evanspsychiatrist3/7/131 xxxxxx
Dr. xxxxxpsychiatristxxxxxxx 2$125 $125
xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx
xxx xxxxxpsychiatrist xxxxxx x xxx$50
Rodriguez, Diana Dr.Murphy Therapy 1/1/13 3 $273 $150
Dr. MurphyTherapy1/8/13 3xxxxxxxx
Dr. xxxxxxxxxxxxx1/16/13 3 $273 xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1/25/13 2$180 xxxx
Dr. MurphyTherapy 2/7/13x $315$315
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxDr. Caslar xxxxxxxxxxxx12/3/121xxx$75
Dr. xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 1/7/13xxxxx$180
Dr. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1/24/13 3xxxx xxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2/28/13x $180 xxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x $75$75

Invoice xxxxxx

Organization Name and Address
Client Name xxx Address
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
xxxx xxxxxx St
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxDate xx ServiceHours xx Servicexxxxxx xxxAmount Paid
Dr. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 3$273.00 $150.00
Dr. Murphy xxxxxxx01/08/13 x $273.00xxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx01/16/13 3 xxxxxxx $150.00
xxx Murphy xxxxxxx 01/25/13 x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dr. xxxxxx xxxxxxx02/07/134xxxxxxx$315.00


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