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BSHS 375 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database – Demographic Information

Resource: Database Template located on the student website


This assignment will encompass the remaining 4 weeks of class with the final product submitted in Week Five. There are multiple worksheets that you can access using the tabs at the bottom of the Microsoft® Excel® template. You will work on one worksheet each week.


Create data for twenty clients in the Demographic worksheet using the Database Template.


Create automatic sort for each column so your data can be viewed in different ways.


BSHS/375 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database – Demographic Information

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BSHS 375 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database – Demographic Information

body preview (6 words)

Week 2 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx – xxxxxxxxxxx Information

file1.xlsx preview (196 words)


Client's xxxx AddressCity xxxxx xxx xxxxx Number Date xx Birth Age xxxxxxxxxxxSocial xxxxxxxx Number
xxxxxxx 2150, xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxfl 32804 407356798214-Jul xx xxxxxxx591042782
Wendy5678 x Tamarac xxOrlando fl xxxxx 4078890030xxxxxx xx oxcarbazepinexxxxxxxxx
Josephxxxx Jasmine StOrlando xx32804xxxxxxxxxx24-Jun 35 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx731 Errol xxx Orlando xx32804 xxxxxxxxxx 21-Feb xxorazepam591239874
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx flxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 57xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Harris xx xxxxxxx flxxxxx 321777253426-Dec 21xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx 3487 Rimes stOrlandoxx xxxxx4079893245xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx591025379
Sherry557 highview xx Orlando xx xxxxx 3218652387xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx591257224
Krystal475 ponce de xxxxxxxxxxx fl 32804 3214547836xxxxx xx buspironexxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxx errol pkwy Orlando fl xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 31-Jul 59 Lorazepamxxxxxxxxx
Ricardo xxx x xxxx Orlando fl xxxxx3215674327 xxxxxx62 xxxxxxx 592433258
Allen, xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxOrlando fl32804 3214889743 xxxxx34alprazolam xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx streetOrlandoflxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx3-May24 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxx forest xxx Orlandoxx 32804xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx Amphetaminexxxxxxxxx
Johnxxx xxxxxx dr Orlandoflxxxxx 407663762319-Mar51 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx 1st xxxxxx Orlando xx32804 4073047213 xxxxx 43chlordiazepoxide 592300204
xxxxx xxx charlet xxxxxxxxx fl xxxxx 40722690038-Janxx Symbyax 591020593
xxxxxxx1475 xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx32804xxxxxxxxxx19-Jan 24xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxx xxxx drOrlandoxxxxxxx 3215678435xxxxx xx Lorazepam591223245


xxxxxxxx xxxx Therapist Seen Service Provided Date xx ServiceHours of xxxxxxx xxxxxx Due Amount Paid

xxxxxxx xxxxxx

Organization xxxx xxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx Name and xxxxxxx
INVOICE 06/18/13
Therapist xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Due Amount Paid


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