Briefing Paper regarding a Human Resource Management Practice

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Each learner needs to choose a Human Resource Management topic. 


They need to identify at least 2 recent (no earlier than 1995) articles that address the chosen topic.  Each learner is encouraged to identify both a research/scientific (academic) and a practitioner oriented article (if applicable). 


The research/scientific (academic) article will assist in providing a comprehensive definition of the topic and a description of key aspects of the topic, whereas the practitioner oriented article will provide more “how to” information.  Online databases containing a wide variety of business articles are available via the online library.


  These databases have search filters which allow you to restrict your searches to academic or practitioner oriented articles.  

Each learner is expected to review the collected articles and prepare a briefing paper by doing the following:


1.     Define and briefly describe the topic using the information provided in the articles and other sources if necessary (try to secure a comprehensive definition of the topic and identify any classifications, typologies and dimensions e.g. self-leadership is defined as … and has the following types … and the first type is made up of the following dimensions …, second type is made up of … etc.).

Identify the key points that the articles are making about the topic and present the information in a series of bullets (suggest that you highlight the key points as you are reading the articles).  If necessary, expand




1.     briefly on each point to assist the reader in understanding the point being made.


2.     Briefly describe why the topic is important for organizations and management (what impact the topic is expected to have on



3.     organizations and management).  If no direct information is provided then you need to make thoughtful inferences.


4.     Briefly recommend key actions that managers should take in response to the topic (what should managers do with regard to this topic in order to improve organizational effectiveness e.g. how might this topic be applied and/or implemented).  If no direct information is provided then you need to make thoughtful inferences.


Organize the paper based on the 4 sections indicated above and reference the articles that you use on a separate reference page at the end (use the APA referencing format - The paper should be no longer than 2 pages (excluding the cover page and reference page)


Presentations will be on an assigned topic

and will involve a short paper as well as a power point presentation.


The purpose of this assignment is to have students 1) work cooperatively on 2) researching, defining, and detailing out a business process 3) using contemporary business mapping tools and 4) presenting it in a way that every stakeholder in the process is able to understand, and implement their part.

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