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1.    Consider the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln. Didit, in its policies and programs, its understanding  of the Constitution and the proper relation between the states and the national government, owe more to the tradition of Alexander Hamilton  and the Federalist Partyor was it more in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson and the Jeffersonian Republican Party? Why?  Explain and support your answer.


2.    Describe and discuss white-Indian relations from the colonial period through the mid-nineteenth century.



3.    Describe and discuss relations between blacks and whites from the earliest colonial period to the end of the Civil War.(Include in your discussion free blacks as well as slaves.)


4.    Describe and explain how and why national political parties arose in the United States and how the party system changed from Washington’s administration to Lincoln’s.


5.    Inanessay,considertheAmericaneconomyfromtheratificationofthe Constitution to1865.  Inwhatmajorwayshaditchangedoverthose years?Why?


6.    Write an essay in which you describe howthenation’s  borders expanded from 1783 to the Civil War.


7.    “The Constitution of 1787 was intended by its framers to create a government that would identify and implement the public good rather than the public will. But by Andrew Jackson’s election, it was clear that something had gone very wrong, that a national government had been created that sought to identify and implement the public will rather than the public good.


a.    Is this an accurate statement?  Why or why not?  Discuss in an essay.


8.    “In 1865 at Appomattox Court House, it was not only Lee who surrendered to Grant, it was Jefferson who surrendered to Hamilton.Discuss in an essay. (Hint: go back and review both Hamilton’s and Jefferson’s ideas about implied powers and the Constitution, about the proper distribution of powers between the national and state governments.)


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