For Brainy Brian Only 5 week course


Effective Academic Writing as well as English 1 Essays


**** AGREEMENT***** Down payment Refundable if Teacher does not complete work** Proof will need to be supplied.


Course starts 6/7/16 Down payment of $55 to commence work on the academic english writing class. Thereafter, teacher will be paid at a rate of $55 a week for the remaining 4 weeks. A seperate down payment for other English Essays not included in the 5 week course will paid before work is commenced.  Course entails the following, read syllabus accurately for instructions on the course, weekly discussions and posts, weekly papers and assignments, exams and all course related work completed by tutor brainy brian. If student would like to withdrawl before paying the downpayment, this will be acceptable to both parties. The down payment wll be refunded if student can provide proof  (pictures of  coursework not completed) that the work was not completed as described above.

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