biology research paper on down syndrome

  • I need a research paper for my human biology class.  The topic is down syndrome.  Below are the guidelines and criteria
  • Research paper should be 3-4 pages (excluding figures, tables, and references, double spaced) and due week 4 . Acceptable topics will be discussed. Cite 4 references, with at least one from a journal or book.
Method of Evaluation -

Research Paper Rubric


1. double spaced

2. 3-4 pages

3. 1 book or journal reference

4. 3 other references

Title Page

1. Heading

2. Name

3. Course #, Prof's name, date

Body: Structure and Content                                                          

1. Appropriate reader-based introduction                       

2. Clear statement of thesis                                                

3. Logical organization                                                         

4. Smooth, logical transitions used in paragraphing      

5. Development of topics with examples/explanations   

6. Good conclusion                                                             

Body:  Documentation                                                                     

1. Quotation marks for quotes                                            

2. Parentheses for documentation                                      

3. Complete information                                                       

Body: Mechanics

1. No sentence fragments

2. Punctuation correct

3. Spelling

4. Capitalization correct

5. No contractions



6. Formal:  no “you”, limited or no use of “I”

7. No run-on sentences

Works Cited Page

1. Title: Works Cited

2. No extra spaces between entries

3. Entries not numbered

4. Entries correctly alphabetized

5. URL given for internet work

6. Complete information

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