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Biology 4 page essay. and short answer questions.

I need a four page essay on the following questions. No longer than a page for each topic(can be a little shorter than a page). 


1. Examine disruptive, stabilizing and directional selection in natural selection.


2. Describe sexual selection and the concept of balanced polymorphism.


3. What are animal "body plans"?  What kinds of animal body plans are there? What are some fundamental trends in animal evolution (three or four)?


4. What is speciation, and how does it happen?


Part II.    Shorter answers, a couple of lines for each item.    The last one, about fishes, might be a little longer.


6.  Why do scientists generally think that birds and reptiles are closely related evolutionarily?


7. What are amniote eggs, what advantages do they provide, and which species have amniote eggs?


8. Characterize Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras in the earth’s history.


9. What happened to dinosaurs? Did they all go extinct?


10. Describe annelids.


11.  Describe a scientific scenario to describe how fishes may have been able to survive out of water.

Submitted by Aristotle on Sat, 2012-11-24 05:53
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Biology Essay

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Biology Essay

xx xxxxxxx disruptive, xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx natural xxxxxxxxxxx

Charles Darwin in xxxx xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx Origin xx xxxxxxxx xxx the book contained xxx major xxxxxxxxxx He xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx living things on earth are descendants, xxxxxx with modification from xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx offered an xxxxxxxxxxxx natural xxxxxxxxxx to explain how xxxxxxxxx takes xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx takes on various xxxxxxx xxx xxx xx that xxxxxxx normally modify xxxxx phenotypes so xxxx it can xx possible for them to succeed in their xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx this xxxxxxxxxx is known xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx also closely related xx xxxxxxx selection xxxxx argues xxxx living things always face x struggle for xxxxxxxxx xx a population that xxxxxx in phenotypes. Although xxx variations are inheritable, xxxxxxx variations in genotype; it shows xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx order xx xxxxxxx xx conditions that xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx in xxx reproduce,

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