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Bill of Rights

1. The U.S. Supreme Court has, through the due process clause of the 14th Amendment, incorporated many of the protections and prohibitions contained in the Bill of Rights. By doing so, the Supreme Court has required that state and local governments obey those portions of the Bill of Rights that have been incorporated. Consider the following:

  • Which of the protections available to criminal offenders through the Bill of Rights do not currently apply to the states? 
  • What is the difference between procedural and substantive protections for criminal offenders in the Bill of Rights?
  • Which of the protections available to criminal offenders in the Bill of Rights are procedural, and which are substantive? 

Please provide APA citation and references where applicable. 


2. The adversarial system of justice used throughout the United States is designed to pit the accuser against the accused through the experience, training, and talents of the attorneys. Although every criminal defendant who may face a jail sentence is entitled to the effective assistance of counsel and to a trial by jury, there are inherent inequalities in the ability of the poor and the rich to defend against the power and resources of a government prosecutor’s office.

Identify advantages  and disadvantages inherent within an adversarial system of justice that allow the powerful to be pitted against the weak, the experienced against the inexperienced, and the rich against the poor.

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Bill of Rights

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xxxx of Rights

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The xxxx of Rights xx � xxxx xx MERGEFORMAT �1�

xxxx of xxxxxx

Student’s xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Bill of xxxxxx

We have all xxxxx xx xxx Bill xx Rights. xx refers to x xxxxxxxx containing a xxxx of xxxxx xxxxxx under 26 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx Bill xx Rights has its origins in the xxxx xxxx where xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx Constitution, after having xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx become approved by most states, xxxxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx it xx xxxxxxxxx (Hall, 2008). Thomas Jefferson developed x concern because xxx Constitution incorporated xxx guarantees with regards to personal xxxxxxxx This xxxxxxxx him to write to xxx xxxxéxéx James xxxxxxx requesting that xx proposes x xxxx of xxxxxx of xxxx xxxx to xxxxxxxx (Marsh, xxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx by xxx Congress xxxxx xxxxx approved x xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx 10 xxxx amendments to the United xxxxxx Constitution that xxx been xxxxxxxxx became xxx xxxxxx 2008). These xx xxxxxxxxxx

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