For Bigako only: Module 4



Part I: Case Study/Research




Directions: Research a wrongful death that has occurred in your state/community in the past year and answer the following questions (as applicable/able based on your resources):




    1. What was the mode of death?  How do you know?

    2. What  wrongful death category is the death?  Why?

    3. How was the preliminary investigation conducted?  What was found?

    4. How should the crime scene have been protected?

    5. What questions should have been asked at the scene?

    6. How was the victim identified?

    7. How was the time of death estimated?  What was the estimated time of death?

    8. How did the body change over a period of time?  Describe the time and changes.

    9. If sentencing has occurred, what was the sentence?  Do you agree with the sentence?  Why or why not?  If sentencing has not occurred, what do you believe would be a fair sentence for this crime based on what you know?  Why?

    10. Be sure to include proper APA formatting, including a cover page, in text citations, and a reference page.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA guidelines.

    11. You will also be graded on your grammar and spelling.


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