BEHS Parenting paper


Note: The cover sheet and references do not count toward the content page requirement.

The underlying issue that was choosen in the Lot of Life is ( Your 2-year-old has not begun speaking yet) this is what the paper is suppose to be about. I have attached the scenerio. 

Prepare a (4-5 full pages of content) research paper on the underlying issue you chose in the Lot in Life.  This paper should be no longer than 5 pages and include at least four references in APA style. You should have at least FOUR outside sources, primarily from government and community agencies as well as at least 2 scholarly journals and books.

  • Research (15 points):
  • provides background information about the issue which is traditional library research,
  • included references to all sources used in APA or MLA styles. Included at least 4-5 references with at least 2 professional journal sources,
  • at least 4-5 double spaced full pages of content excluding the cover sheet and references
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