base on entrepreneurship creativity and innovation


Research Question:

Does entrepreneur creativity and innovation create value in firms?

 Aims and Objective

The aim of this research is: to identify the impact of creativity and innovation firms.

The research aims to achieve the following objectives:

·         To identify the role of creativity and innovation in firm performance

·         To evaluate the relationship between creativity and innovation

·         To identify entrepreneurship creativity and opportunity creation

·         To identify entrepreneurship creativity and innovation

PART 1: introduction                 (200 words)

Introduction will based on the creativity and innovation.


PART 2: research rational             (200 words)

Will based on the main research question.


PART 3: the literature review          (1800 words)

The literature review will base on the main research question  and the aims and objective.


PART4: the methodology                    (300 words)

Please use the information below, because this future research of the project will base on the information on the methodology. And also write to defend why the use of research method.


Collecting primary data will base through Participant observation, the primary data will consists of a number of items in well-structured questionnaire that will be administered to and completed by the respondents. To ensure the validity and reliability of the questionnaire, experts in the field of entrepreneurship were consulted to review the questionnaire. Multiple Regression Analysis was used to analyse the data.



Because researcher can gain direct asses to company’s information (the company the future research of this report will based on is Dangota group pls)

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