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BAM 515 - Organizational Behavior

BAM 515 - Organizational Behavior





(Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1) The members of a ________ work together intensively via electronic means, and may never actually meet.


A) cyber group


B) digital team


C) virtual team


D) electronic group


2) The risks associated with planning can be reduced by an understanding of all of the following except


A) decision making.


B) team composition.


C) political science.


D) individual biases.


3) The way managers lead is changing because millions of employees work in


A) downsized organizations.


B) self-managed teams.


C) expanding positions.


D) outsourced functions.


4) Which of the following is not one of the three principal kinds of skills needed by managers?


A) Human


B) Analytical


C) Technical


D) Conceptual


5) An ________ is a rule or routine an employee follows to perform some task in the most effective way.


A) organizational pattern


B) organizational procedure


C) organizational routine


D) organizational schematic

Unit 1 Examination 51 BAM 515 - Organizational Behavior

6) An organization’s workforce consists of workers of different ages, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds, all of which contribute to its


A) social responsibility.


B) ethics.


C) affirmative action.


D) diversity.


7) The ________ involves responding to the diverse needs of employees and developing employment approaches that promote the well-being of employees.


A) flexibility challenge


B) decision-making challenge


C) fairness and justice challenge


D) performance challenge


8) Organizational behavior is relevant to crisis management because it provides ________ needed to respond to a crisis.


A) guidelines, procedures, and boundaries


B) definitions and contextual perspectives


C) lessons about how to manage and organize the resources


D) an overview of sound management principles


9) ________ consists of computer and communication hardware and software, and the


skills of designers, programmers, technicians, and managers.


A) Strategic capital


B) Knowledge management


C) Corporate knowledge


D) Information technology


10) Standard Textile Company’s Chinese employees are not always comfortable


A) taking the initiative.


B) performing their jobs well.


C) learning new techniques.


D) All of the above

Unit 1 Examination 52 BAM 515 - Organizational Behavior

11) Psychologists have studied identical twins and have


A) attempted to determine to what extent personality is inherited.


B) been unable to determine what impact nature or nurture has on personality development.


C) identified specific genes that are responsible for inherited personality.


D) determined that the personalities of twins are impacted more by nature than are the personalities of non twins.


12) Individuals with an________ tend to believe that outside forces are largely responsible for their fate.


A) extrasensory locus of control


B) external locus of control


C) interdepartmental locus of control


D) internal locus of control


13) For top executives and managers, the ________ appears to dominate all other needs in determining their success.


A) need for self-actualization


B) need for affiliation


C) need for power


D) need for acceptance


14) ________ is the ability to physically manipulate objects in an environment.


A) Prestidigitation


B) Motor skill


C) Physical skill


D) Hands-on experience


15) ________ is determined by the genes we inherit from our parents and situational factors.


A) Cognitive affluence


B) Locus of control


C) General intelligence


D) All of the above

Unit 1 Examination 53 BAM 515 - Organizational Behavior

16) Examples of intrinsic work values include all of the following except


A) wanting to learn new things.


B) making important contributions.


C) establishing social contacts.


D) desiring to be challenged.


17) One’s personal convictions about what is right and wrong are


A) moods.


B) work attitudes.


C) ethical values.


D) legal values.


18) The cognitive component of a worker’s attitude is the


A) employee’s feelings about his or her job or organization.


B) employee’s thoughts about how to behave in his or her job or organization.


C) employee’s beliefs about the job or organization.


D) employee’s ethical stance.


19) ________ dictate appropriate and inappropriate feelings for a particular setting.


A) Behavioral rules


B) Expression rules


C) Effective rules


D) Feeling rules


20) Research has shown that the association between job satisfaction and job performance is


A) not meaningful.


B) stronger for men than for women.


C) higher in unionized settings.


D) decreasing due to the increasing number of baby-busters in the workforce.


21) Stereotypes can be dysfunctional and damaging to


A) the target.


B) the perceiver.


C) the organization.


D) All of the above

Unit 1 Examination 54 BAM 515 - Organizational Behavior

22) ________ is the process whereby people select, organize, and interpret the input from their senses to give meaning and order to the world around them.


A) Ratiocination


B) Perception


C) Acknowledgment


D) Understanding


23) The ________ is the context or environment surrounding the perceiver and the target.


A) situation


B) schema


C) fountainhead


D) epicenter


24) The ________ is the biased perception that results when the first pieces of information that people have about some target have an inordinately large influence on their perception of the target.


A) person-situation effect


B) primacy effect


C) contrast effect


D) halo effect


25) The most common external attributions relate to


A) situation and timing.


B) ability and personality.


C) a level playing field.


D) task difficulty and luck.

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xxx xxx - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Behavior

BAM 515 - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx





(Enter your answers on xxx enclosed answer sheet)

1) xxx xxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx electronic xxxxxx xxx may xxxxx xxxxxxxx meet.


xx cyber xxxxxx


B) xxxxxxx team


C) xxxxxxx xxxxx


xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx


2) The risks associated xxxx planning can be xxxxxxx by xx understanding xx xxx of the following except…C


A) decision xxxxxxxx


B) xxxx composition.


xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx


D) xxxxxxxxxx biases.


3) xxx xxx managers lead xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx work xx…B


A) xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


B) xxxxxxxxxxxx teams.


C) expanding xxxxxxxxxxx


D) outsourced functions.


xx xxxxx xx the following is xxx xxx of the xxxxx principal xxxxx of xxxxxx needed by managers?......C


xx Human


xx Analytical


xx xxxxxxxxxx


D) xxxxxxxxxxx


xx An ___B_____ is a xxxx or xxxxxxx an xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx to perform some task in the most

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