Movie #9: The Notebook 

Fall 2013: Extra Credit Essay Assignment

*For this paper you will need to first obtain and watch ONE of the following 11 films. Next, you need to decide which one of the social problems/issues listed for each film that you will write about.  Each of the issues listed was highlighted to some extent within the film. For the paper you must obtain "sociological" literature on the issue in order to answer the questions that are listed for that particular topic (2-3 peer-reviewed journal articles/books that are highly relevant in answering your questions). An "A" paper will not only adequately answer the questions that are posed using theory and empirical evidence, but integrate some of the "real life" examples/scenes from the movie into the argument that you present. Please note that a paper that only contains movie references will receive a failing grade---The bulk of the paper must be an attempt to develop an argument and explanation of the issue while answering the questions listed, which will sparingly use film references to underscore the patterns/processes that you cite (i.e. film scenes are required, but should be kept to a minimum).





Movie #9: The Notebook


 ISSUE #1:  Mate Selection

Review and describe the sociological literature on mate selection. More specifically, discuss the key factors that individuals use when selecting a mate.

Which factors have researchers found to predict a longer lasting relationship/marriage?

Discuss the research findings on relationships based on similarity vs. difference. That is, do relationships formed on commonalities last longer than those formed on differences?

What do sociologists have to say about "love?" Can a relationship based on "love" provide longevity despite obvious differences between mates?





* The paper must be at least 4 pages double-spaced, 1-inch margins (on all sides), Times New Roman font (please follow these guidelines, or your grade will be reduced). Remember that a large part of the grading will be dependent on the adequacy of the literature you find, how you reference it, and how you apply it to the questions. As such, online sources will not be accepted.









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