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Select a single poem from this week’s readings.


Submit a 1,050- to 1,400- word paper based on a close reading of this poem.


Include your interpretation of the poet’s thoughts and feelings, along with details about how the poet used literary conventions and poetic devices such as meter, imagery, and symbolism to communicate the meaning of the poem. Write this in third person (no use of the word "I" or reference to yourself.)


Conclude with an explanation of how the poet and readers rely on imagination for interpreting the meaning of the selected poem.






Love in Place


By Nikki Giovanni


I really don’t remember falling in love all that much


I remember wanting to bake corn bread and boil a ham and I


certainly remember making lemon pie and when I used to smoke I


stopped in the middle of my day to contemplate




I know I must have fallen in love once because I quit biting


my cuticles and my hair is gray and that must indicate


something and I all of a sudden had a deeper appreciation


for Billie Holiday and Billy Strayhorn so if it wasn’t love I don’t


Know what it was




I see the old photographs and I am smiling and I’m sure quite


happy but what I mostly see is me


through your eyes


and I am still young and slim and very much committed to the


love we still have 


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