For Baber Makayla


The core reading topic or article link, How I Bluffed My way through college:



Part 1.


   Minimum 150 words (successful analyses are often longer)

·    Following Step 2 in CHAPTER 3, analyze and specifically describe your Audience, Time, Place, and Purpose of your draft.

·    NOTE: Your audience consists of other members of this class and your instructor

·    Place the situation analysis at the beginning of your first draft, before the first page of your actual composition



Part 2.

·    Summary and Response of ONE of the core readings selected by your instructor

·    Clearly developed main point (thesis) stating overall, focused response to the selected core reading

·    Accurate summarizing and meaningful response, supported with evidence

·    APA or MLA manuscript style, as specified by your instructor.

·    Use of at least 5 quotes (words, phrases, or key sentences) and/or paraphrases (key details or ideas rephrased in your own words)

·    Observation of the conventions of Standard English

·    600 words minimum for first draft (the minimum 150 words for the situation analysis is not included in this count)



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