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Catogory of Aviation Report

 Choose an area of the aviation industry, commerical (Scheduled or non-scheduled), cargo, general aviation, commercial non-passenger. This report is to detail the current security measures involved with this area and how it is involved with the grand scheme of aviation security. Your report is to be 5-7 pages typed 12pt font. You must have at least 3 sources that you site in the paper and complete a bibolography page that is not incuded in the 5-7 pages of the report. Some possible topics report could include, but is not limited to the following information:


* Overview of the industry, what they do

* Current security measures

* Recent security advancements

* Strengths

* Who is making it secure

* If no attacks have happened, why?

* Vurnabilities

* What is not secure

* What attacks are possible

* Your opinion

* Is it safe

* Are they doing enough to prevent attacks

* Historical happenings

If you find more topics to write and report about please feel free to include them. The above topics do not have to be in the order they are presented. Rearrange them as needed.


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