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Attachment style and relationships week 2 assignment/ Attention Paula Hog


Attachment Style and Relationships

Robert Sternberg created his triangular theory of love based on three dimensions: passion, intimacy, and commitment. The degree to which a relationship demonstrates these three dimensions determines the type of love relationship. People begin love relationships with those who care for them as children. These early relationships can have a great effect on their adult relationships.


Part I:

Write a350- to 700-word response summarizing the three dimensions of love and how they interrelate to identify a specific type of love relationship.


Part II:

Write a 700- to 1,050-word response explaining how you believe an individual’s attachment style can affect the types of love relationships he or she has.


Format your paper consistent withAPA guidelines.

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xxxxxxxxxx style and xxxxxxxxxxxxx



xxxxxxxxxx’s xxxxx


xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Robert Sternberg created his xxxxxxxxxx theory xx xxxx based on three xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx intimacy xxx commitment. xxxxxxxxx to his description, intimacy is xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx leading to xxxxxxxxx attachment. Passion is xxxxxxxxx as xxxxxxx force that xxxxxxxxx xx sexual xxxxxxxxxx and the process xx xxxxxxxx sexual intimacy. Considered xx be the “xxxxx” xx love, xxxxxxxxxx xx decisive xxx thoughtful xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx starts with a person xxxxxxx that he xx xxx is in xxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx into x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx types xx love can xx xxxxxxxxxx as a result xx various combinations of xxxxxxxxx passion and xxxxxxxxxxx Sternberg believed that 7 types xx love xxxxxxxx liking, xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx love, compassionate love, xxxxxxxx

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