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We need two different versions of posts. Please include work cited(direct quote needs quotation marks). Arround 200 words for each.

part1.Many astronomers have spent their entire career attempting to definitively answer the question "Are we alone?". To date, we have found no other life forms. Discuss the type of efforts made to date to answer this question and the results of those efforts. Within our solar system, what are the best candidates for harboring life? Aside from the scientific evidence, what are your views regarding life beyond Earth and the basis for why you feel that way?                                          

part2 1.     Explain how we know the universe is expanding?



2.     What are the four physical forces that we seen in nature?



3.   What is meant by a radiation dominated universe?  Matter dominated universe



4.     Why does the existence of carbon based molecules in meteorites enhance the probability of life outside our planet?



5.     What does the Drake equation attempt to determine?



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