PART 1 - Please find the attached file you will do the following: 


1. Read this full article.

2. Write comment on what you learned and how you intend to apply it to your life.

Remember that your answer needs to be at least 6 lines long for full-credit.  



Part 2- Something to DISCUSS - Evaluating Nutrition Claims 

Using the resources below, discuss the following questions - ONLY ONE PAGE

1) Why is it important to be able to accurately evaluate health and nutrition claims?

2) What are some common “red flags” that indicate that a source is questionable instead of credible?

 3) Why does quackery sell and why are consumers so often misled?
Why Bogus Therapies Often Seem to Work Barry L. Beyerstein, Ph.D. Subtle forces can lead intelligent people (both patients and therapists) to think that a treatment ...
How Quackery Sells Stephen Barrett, M.D. William T. Jarvis, Ph.D. Modern health quacks are supersalesmen. They play on fear. They cater to hope.   






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