paper 1

Read the attached Harvard Business Review Case Study titled " Goldman_Sachs_Case_Study

Write a 4  page paper that analyzes the case study. In your analysis be sure to include the following information:

    1. A brief history of the organization
    2. Identify the major problems?
    3. Identify organizational structure and how does this structure contribute to problems?
    4. What is the company culture?
    5. Why may the leadership plan be considered "revolutionary?"
    6. Why was there particular emphasis placed on leadership?
    7. Why were the 4 key objectives of the leadership plan highly important?
    8. How is the implementation of a leadership development plan a clear indication of where the company wanted to go?
    9. Be sure to proofread your paper and eliminate spelling and grammar errors
paper 2

Review the attached Development_Org_Chart which includes titles, a brief position description, incumbent and his/her competencies.

  • Identify all gaps that they perceive relative to the department's meeting strategic goals.
  • Identify a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 gaps. Gap analysis may speak to presence of needed competency, human capital, general resource, etc.
  • Develop an action plan (without reduction or increase in headcount) based on the "build or buy" option outlined in the lecture.
    • Be sure to address training and development opportunities and specify what training should take place and by whom.
paper 3

Read the attached article titled Mistakes_in_Giving_Feedback

Write a 3  page reaction paper which includes the following:

  • A brief overview of each of the eight mistakes most common mistakes made in providing feedback
  • An explanation of how each mistake impacts the employee
  • Identify at least two additional common mistakes in giving feedback that are not included within this article that either you have personally experienced or that you have witnessed in your past or present positions.
 paper 4

Review the attached Implementing_a_PIP_PRACTICE reference document and utilize it to create an action plan based on the scenario provided in the document.

Be sure to complete each of the six components of the plan.

paper 5

Read the attached Case Study Nash_vs_Texas

For this case study please answer the following questions about the above stated case. Your assignment should be a minimum of two pages, and it should be written in paragraph form.

  1. Analyze the facts of this case. List at least three underlying reasons that led to the work stoppage; please give specific details.
  2. Was the 50 foot provision justified by the state's interest in preventing violence? Why or Why not?
  3. Do you feel that picketing serves a purpose? Why or why not? Give at least three reasons to support your response
paper 6
this is part 2 of the project attached is part 1 

From the position of the IBEW Representative, detail the following information in a 2 page, APA formatted paper. Include support for your positions based on the facts provided. Be sure to proofread for grammar and spelling errors. In the paper include the following:

Remember to use the contract data provided between CAC Company and the IBEW to defend your position. Using this material you will:

  1. Summarize the position of the IBEW in the case.
  2. Give a minimum of five specific reasons why each of the contract demands that have been brought to the table are items that are not negotiable.
paper 7

Read the attached paper  Standard_Concrete_vs_Teamsters 952 Case Study and answer the following questions:

  1. Provide a two paragraph summary of the case
  2. Define a "sympathy strike?" How does it apply to this case study?
  3. Does a general no-strike clause that does not reference "sympathy strikes" constitute a waiver of the right to participate in a sympathy strike? Why or Why not?
paper 8
this is part 3 of the project you will be using the attached part 1 paper and the part 2 that you are writing to help you with this 

For this phase of the project, you will take on the role of the Arbitrator. In this role, write a 1  page paper making your final decisions on the contract issues giving specific reasons for your decisions. Be sure to provide the following in your paper:

  • A summary of your decision
  • A minimum of three reasons to support your position
  • A minimum of two future recommendations for avoiding additional disputes
  • Paper in APA format with minimal grammar and spelling errors


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