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Assignment: Common Market to European Union

Please see the attachment!

Submitted by perfecto on Fri, 2013-03-08 00:35
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Common market to European Union

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Kindly find the work attached, please let xx know if there xx xxx xxxxxxxxx



Thank you

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xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx

xx Marfels

Second Assignment

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx number��Class number��Date

xxxxxxxxx market benefits xx the industry in EU; Focus in Germany xx one of the European ���Union.

In Europe, Germany xx one xx xxx largest national xxxxxxxxxx It xx also xxxxx xx be xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx worldwide xxx second, xx xxxx xxxxx exports accounting xx xx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx a xxxx producer xx xxx materials, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is xxxx xx the xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx ���in the country xxxxxxxxxxxxx Significantly, xxxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxx xxx the main source of energy ���in xxx xxxxxxxx xxx remaining percentage xx two xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx good xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx machinery, xxxxxxx and some xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxx When xx comes xx trade xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx of xxxx xxx held in Germany in cities like xxx ���Hanover, xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx itself, Berlin. xxxxxxxxxx many xxxxx between industry xxx ���academia, R&x spending, xxxxxxxxxxxxx cooperation and the xxxx not forgetting the service ���oriented manufacturing xxx xxxxx the main

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