C# ASP.NET   Question 1 The default event for the ListBox web control is? Answer Question 2   What attribute must be set on a validator control for the validation to work? Answer Question 3   Which of the following Web controls is most appropriate to create a link to another Web page? Answer Question 4   Where is the banner ad information stored? Answer Question 5   Write the necessary C# code that creates a Table web control, adds one row with two cells, displays your first name in the first cell, and your last name in the second cell. Answer Question 6   Assume that you want to redirect the user to page3.aspx page and also hide the page name and other information; Which will be the correct syntax to use? Answer Question 7   What method is used to remove all the items in a Drop-down List control? Answer Question 8   Let chkItems be a CheckBoxList web control. Write the necessary C# statements that display all selected items of check box list control in a Label web control named lblDisplay. Answer Question 9   Which of the following controls let the user pick a combination of options? Answer Question 10   Which of the following Web server controls is probably used most often than other controls for both input and output? Answer Question 11   How do you manage states in ASP.NET application? Answer Question 12   Which of the following Page methods is used to handle errors programmatically? Answer Question 13   You configure the session state using? Answer Question 14   In which exception handling block do you write the code that may generate exceptions? Answer Question 15   Which of the following should you use to program web server controls? Answer Question 16   What is the correct extension for a web form page? Answer Question 17   Which of the following Web server controls allow the user to choose from mutually exclusive options? Answer Question 18   Every...

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