Assignment and Lab



RL, RC and RLC Circuits

    1. Work Exercises 6, 9 and 21 from Chapter 8.
    2. Work Exercises 4, 11 and 46 from Chapter 9.
    3. Save all the work in HW4_StudentID and upload. Show all work for full credit.


RC Circuits in Multisim

This week’s lab is based on the application of circuit analysis techniques to evaluate an RC circuit in Multisim.

  1. Watch video lecture entitled “Week 4 – RC Circuit in Multisim”.
  2. Work Practice Problem 8.13 from Chapter 8 to determine the capacitor voltage ‘V’ for t >0 and record the value in the table.



Capacitor Voltage ‘V

  1. Construct Figure 8.46 from Chapter 8 in Multisim.
    1. Run simulation to measure the voltage across the capacitor ‘V’ (Use 5% tolerances for each of the resistors)
    2. Take the screen capture for the measurements for ‘V’.
  2. Answer the following questions:
    1. Are the measured values same as calculated values? If not, explain why they are different?
    2. What is the circuit time constant ‘τ’?
    3. Is ‘V’ a natural, forced or complete response? Explain why?
  3. Create a new word document called “Lab4_StudentID.docx” with your GID substituted into the file name.
  4. Save the analysis from step 2 and simulation results from step 3 along with the table and screen captures of all the measurements. Make sure to answer the questions in step 4.
  5. Upload file “Lab4_StudentID”.


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