Read the case study as assigned by the facilitator and submit a 1–2 page essay in response to the questions..


Case Study


Judie has been the nurse manager of her unit for the past ten years and is highly regarded by the hospital’s administration. For the past several months, however, she has been feeling more frustrated and less satisfied with her work because of staffing cuts and other institutional decisions related to managed care. Attending to patient needs has always been the most rewarding part of her job. However, recently she feels that she has been forced to overlook these needs and attend more to the needs of the organization. She considers leaving, but she has seniority, good benefits, and two children to support. She is also aware that her distress at work is affecting her family, because she carries a lot of the frustration home with her.




1.Identify values evident in this situation.

2.Which of these reflect your personal values?

3.What conflicts might arise from these values?

4.If you were in Judie’s position, what beliefs, ideals, or goals would guide you in making the decision to stay or leave? Identify potential consequences of each choice.

5.What do you think Judie should do?


Assignment 2 Grading Criteria          


1.Summarized the case and solution in the introduction and provided a conclusion.           


2.Identified the values evident in this situation.       


3.Reflected your personal values.      


4.Identified the conflicts that might arise from these values.


5.Discussed what beliefs, ideals, or goals would guide you in making the decision to stay or leave as well as the potential consequences of each choice.   


6.Evaluate what Judie should do.      


7.Used APA style (which includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as formatting).     




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