Select a nursing research article from the list below that includes a theoretical or conceptual framework and the exploration of a clinical problem. Identify the nursing research article components using the Week 5 research template.

Development of a Proactive Care Program (U-CARE) to Preserve Physical Functioning of Frail Older People in Primary Care


The template will be evaluated on the effectiveness of the discussion of the following components. If a component is not present in the article, its absence should be discussed.

  • Identify the research problem.
  • Identify the research purpose.
  • Summarize the review of literature.
  • Identify the nursing framework.
  • Identify the research questions and hypotheses.
  • Identify the variables.
  • Identify and discuss the appropriateness of the design.
  • Discuss the validity of the research.
  • Discuss the efficacy of the study. Did it resolve the question?
  • Discuss the legal and ethical issues of the study. Include the use of human subjects and their protection.
  • Describe any cultural aspects of the study.
  • Describe the sample.
  • Describe the procedures.
  • Summarize the results.
  • Describe how the results of the research may impact future nursing practice.
  • Apply the  research to the student's nursing practice.

NSG3036 W5A2

Research Template

Use complete sentences as well as citations and references.

Please use APA Style Writing 6th Edition.

Week 5 Template

Quantitative Article

Qualitative Article

Purpose statement


Problem statement


Literature Review


Framework or Theoretical Perspective


Research questions and hypotheses


Variables (dependent & independent)

Demographic variables



Appropriateness of Design


Validity of the research


Efficacy of the study

Were questions resolved


Legal & Ethical issues

Human subject protection



Cultural aspects




Describe procedures


Describe results


How results of research may impact future nursing practice


Applies research to student's nursing practice

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