You work for a pharmaceutical firm seeking to open up new international markets by partnering with various local distributors.The different distributors within a country are stronger with different market segments (hospitals, retail pharmacies, etc.) but also have substantial overlap.

Please answer in a short paragraph for each question listed below

  1. In Egypt, you calculate that the annual value created by one distributor is $60 million per year,but would be $80 million if two distributors carried your product line. How much of the value can you expect to capture?
  2. Argentina also has two distributors with values similar to those in Egypt, but both are run by the government. How does this affect the amount you could capture?
  3. In Argentina, if you do not reach an agreement with the government distributors, you can set up a less efficient Internet-based distribution system that you would generate $20 million in value to you. How does this affect the amount you could capture?
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