Consider your current or most recent work organization. For this assignment, it is best to use a 'for-profit' business rather than a non-profit or government organization. If you have not worked or have only worked for non-profit organizations, use a for-profit business with which you are well familiar. Suppose that a top-level manager has asked you for an analysis of your company’s current strengths and strategy and for recommendations on future actions. Write a memo that includes the following bullet-point items to send to this manager. The memo should be a maximum of two, 1.5 spaced pages in a standard 12-point font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial, etc.). Submit the assignment to the drop box under Assignments. You may want compose the memo in Word. Put the title "Completed Internal Analysis Assignment" in the file name. 


•        What is the firm’s current strategy (e.g., differentiation, cost leader, focus)?


•        What strengths and core competencies does your firm have that support this strategy? You can put these in a paragraph or you may bullet them. Be sure to go beyond a surface description of what you do well (e.g., Walmart has low prices) to find the source of the strength (e.g., Walmart’s logistics and distribution systems).


•         A very brief description of relevant items in the industry and general environment that are impacting your company. Do not try to describe everything or even one thing in each category. Limit yourself to the factors that impact company strategy the most.


•         A recommendation on whether to keep the current strategy or to adapt the strategy based on environmental factors you have identified and where you think the market is headed. Be sure to justify your recommendation.

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