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ASSIGNMENT 8 - CHAPTER 9, 10 and 11: Strategy Evaluation and International Operations 1. For an organization of your...

ASSIGNMENT 8 - CHAPTER 9, 10 and 11: Strategy Evaluation and International Operations

1. For an organization of your choice, answer the following questions (NOTE: Refer to pp. 292-5 of our text).

a. What would be the three most important measures you would use to evaluate this organization’s strategic performance, and provide at least one reason for each of the three measures? (30 points)

b. What corrective actions would you suggest to improve performance? (10 points)

2. Research the U.S. film industry, and answer the following questions (NOTE: Refer to handouts):

a. Describe at least two points that should be included in each of the four points of Porter’s “diamond of national advantage” framework: (20 points)

. Factor conditions . Demand conditions . Related/supporting industries . Rivalry.

b. Which type of expansion strategy outside the U.S. would be most appropriate for a U.S. film production company? Provide at least two reasons for your choice. (15 points)

. International . Global . Multi-domestic/multi-country . Transnational. c. If a film distribution company were considering expansion outside the U.S., which of the following entry mode would be most appropriate? Provide at least two reasons for your choice. (15 points)

. Exporting . Licensing . Franchising . Alliances/Joint ventures . Wholly-owned subsidiaries.

d. Based on the above analysis, rate the U.S. film industry’s Investment Potential on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = Low, 5 = High). Provide at least two reasons for your rating (3-5 year sales/profit trends, industry mutual fund prices, etc.). (10 points)


1. Properly cite references in the body of your paper (APA format) 2. Include a reference page with at least THREE sources of information

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assignment as discussed

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here you go...

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xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx’x xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx would it xxxx for xxx xxxxxxx In most cases, xx is the xxxxxxxxxx accounting xxxxxx xxxx is used to xxxxx x company’s strategic xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx reality xxxxx are xxxxx xxxxxxxxx as xxxx that are to be used when xxx xxxx into xxx performance of a company in terms of xxxxxxxxx

xxxx is the shareholders return- This xx xxx most xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx one xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx a public xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx in xxx case of private companies xxxx holds xxxxx xxxx for xxxxxxxx General Motors (GM), the xxxx making xxxxx of xxx Its xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the equity holders, xxx xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx team, xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xx course the end xxxxxxxxx Because of xxxxxx competition xxx xxxx because of xxxxxxxxx crunch xx xxxxx xxx share xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx went in xxx a xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx loss not xxxx xx xxx main equity holders but also xx xxx xxxxxx involved xxxx xxx company xxxx the

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