Write the case study assignment.  Read the assignment sheet and rubric below for instructions on the case study assignment. Share your case study assignment with your small group and get feedback from your peers before you submit your assignment.  This serves two purposes: first, you can improve your assignment before you hand it in. Secondly, you will be reviewing each others evaluation assignments before handing them in throughout the will need to know the background of these evaluations!  I strongly encourage you to complete your assignment early enough in the week so you can give/provide feedback to the members of your group before submitting your assignment for grading on Sunday. ( in the attachemtn 3 files for this assignmen  

1-  case study rubric , 2- case study assignment, 3- sample case study






- Assignment 2 

Exercise 2-1 in your text (p. 25) would make a great resource for all of us, so I'd like to offer it as an extra credit assignment. 

Assignment: Add at least two useful actions for overcoming resistance to one or more of the reasons listed on the Reasons for Not Evaluating wiki       ( in the attachement file named reasons not evaluating )    (and feel free to add more reasons that that!  The more you add, the more useful it is as a tool!)  Please include your name in parenthesis at the end of each of your actions so we know who contributed which ideas!  Your ideas should be clearly written in complete sentences so someone else reading it will understand your idea.

Due: by next Sunday, 11:59pm. 1 bonus point.


A little background--we are doing this as a wiki for several reasons:


  • a wiki is a great collaborative space.  It's like a webpage that everyone can edit. (A webpage is available for everyone to view on the internet vs.a google document which people need permission to view.)
  • this has the potential to be a great resource not just for us, but also for others, so we're doing this on a wiki "out in public." 
  • I have a bias towards making information available outside of moodle--in "public"--whenever it makes sense.  Ask yourself this: when was the last time you took something of value from the internet?  When was the last time you contributed something of value to the internet?  The internet exists as a wonderful resource because people are willing to share their knowledge.
  • Here is a WONDERFUL explanation of a wiki,   (      ) (3:33m) by the folks at Common Craft (  )
  • Here is ( )    (1:55m) -- but it's so easy, you don't even need this video!   



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