Assignment 4:250 Words (Managing Risks and Employee Engagement)



Activity Context

This discussion helps you develop the skills to master the following course competency:


  • Analyze HRM's role in adhering to laws and regulations that ensure employee rights and manage risk.

    Activity Instruction

    In this discussion, you will gain experience in:

  • Assessing organizational best practices that best illustrate an employee environment that ensures employee rights.

  • Evaluating the impact of effective risk management policies of employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

    For this discussion:

  • Research the literature and locate two examples of organizational best practices that illustrate an employee environment that addresses employee rights.

  • Drawing upon your own experience, or providing an example of an organization that reflects these best practices, evaluate the impact of these organizational or HRM practices and programs related to employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

    Note: When sharing personal and company-related information, share only what is appropriate to share. Respect confidential information, and when writing about personal experiences, do not identify actual companies or individuals.

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    Managing Risks and Employee Engagement

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