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Submitted by 123lynda on Tue, 2013-09-03 22:36
due on Thu, 2013-09-05 22:34
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Assignment 4 "Stateline Shipping and Transport Company"

Read the 'Stateline Shipping and Transport Company" Case Problem on pages 273-274 of the text. Analyze this case, as follows:

  1. In Excel, or other suitable program, develop a model for shipping the waste directly from the 6 plants to the 3 waste disposal sites.
  2. Solve the model you developed in #1 (above) and clearly describe the results.

    In Excel, or other suitable program, Develop a transshipment model in which each of the plants and disposal sites can be used as intermediate points.
  3. Solve the model you developed in #3 (above) and clearly describe the results.
  4. Interpret the results and draw conclusions that address the question posed in the case problem. What are the limits of the study? Write at least one paragraph.

There are two deliverables for this Case Problem, the Excel spreadsheets and an accompanying written description/explanation. Please submit both of them electronically via the dropbox.

Submitted by hardik on Mon, 2013-12-16 03:55
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MAT 540 Assignment #4: Case Problem “Stateline Shipping and Transport Company” [***** Excel Sheet Calculation + 100% correct All answer with explanation + Conclusion + APA Format******]

body preview (2 words)

MAT xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx

file1.xls preview (63 words)


xxxx xxxxxxx 6 x Stateline Shipping and Transport Company
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Danville xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Allentown xxxxxxxxxx Los Canos Durasxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx 0x x00 0 xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx196xxxx0 800 276 276
Maconx 0 2140 x x00 78 xxx 292
Selma xxxx 25036 000 x xxx xxx
xxxxxxxx0 0 x 0xxx 065 xxxxx 279
xxxxxxxxx 0 xx0 x x 25000 0 xxx xxx
Whitewater0000 x0 xxxx x xxx 250
Los Canos 0xx0xx x 250 0xxx 250
Duras x 0xx 0x x0 xxx xxx 250
xxxxxx xxx250 xxx 250xxxxxxxxxxxx355
Shipped250 250xxx250250 250xxx xxxxxx
xxxxx Cost = xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Costs ($):
xxxxx xxxxxxxxx Danville xxxxx SelmaColumbus Allentownxxxxxxxxxx Los CanosDuras
xxxxxxxxx 0x 49 x 812 1517
xxxxxxxx 60 xx 10 xx 714 9 10
xxxxxx11 0xx 15 xx xxxx
xxxxx9xx xx3 1617xx 19
xxxxxxxx x xx7 3014 x xx xx
Allentownxxxx 16xx 022xx 18
Whitewater 12xxxx17x 22 01210
xxx Canosxx x xx xx xx16xx 0 15
Duras17xx xx19 1218 xxxx0




file2.docx preview (733 words)

xxxx Problem “xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx Transport Company”

xxxxxxx xxxxx





1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx shipping xxxxx xxxxxxxx from the 6 plants xx xxx 3 xxxxx xxxxxxxx sites.

xx xxxxxxxx xx Excel xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx cost xx xxxxxxxx per xxxxxx of waste, from each xx the xxx plants to each of xxx three xxxxx disposal xxxxxx together with xxxxxx xx xxxxx available xx the various plants xxx capacity xx the xxxxxxxx sites.

xx Model was solved as follows:

I. xxx six xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx 1 through 6, xxxxx the xxxxx waste xxxxxxxxxx labeled A xxxxxxx C.

II. xxxxxxxxx function: Minimize x = 1A(12) + 1B(15) x xxxxxx x xxxxxx + 2B(9) + xxxxxx x xxxxxx + xxxxxx + xxxxxx x xxxxxx + 4B(16) + 4C(19) + xxxxx + xxxxxx x xxxxxx x 6A(22) x 6B(16) + 6C(18);

xxxx xxxxxxx to:

xx + 1B x xx = xx

xx + xx x xx x 26

3A x xx x 3C x xx

xx + xx x 4C = 53

5A + 5B x 5C x xx

6A x 6B + xx x xx

xx x 2A x 3A x xx x 5A + xx ≤ xx

1B x xx x xx x

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by All Papers on Tue, 2016-07-26 15:49
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MAT 540 Assignment 4 Case Problem: Stateline Shipping and Transport Company

body preview (9 words)

MAT xxx Assignment 4 Case xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Shipping and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

file1.docx preview (1826 words)

Case Study

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

MAT xxx

Instructor xxxxx

Student Name:

xxxx Study: xxxxxxxxx Shipping and xxxxxxxxx Company

In this xxxx study, xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx Sundusky, the xxxxxxx xx xxx South-Atlantic xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx Shipping and Transport xxxxxxxx The information we xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xx xx the process xx negotiating a xxx xxxxxxxx to xxxx hazardous chemical xxxxx xxxx xxx (6) xxxxxxxxx to xxxxx (3) xxxxx disposal sites xxx xxxxxxxxx a manufacturer or xxxxxxxxx for industry xxxx Rachel has xxxxxxxxx xxxx the cost to xxxxxxxxx one xxxxxx xxxx xxxx location to xxxx disposal xxxxx xx well xx between xxxx location. xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx took xxxx account xxxx some towns and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx the six xxxxxx xxx located restrict the transportation of xxxxxxxxx material xxxxxx municipal xxxxxxx xx xxxxx in some xxxxx had to include traversing xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxx xx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by jam007 on Wed, 2013-09-04 01:53
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Solution to "Stateline Shipping and Transport Company from jam007

body preview (4 words)

xxxxxx see xxx attachment

file1.doc preview (1429 words)

xxx Original problem

xxx xxxxxxx xxx be xxxxxxxx xx a Transportation xxxxxxx for xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx problem is that the xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx centres from xxxxx company wants xx collect waste xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx three disposable centres xx a minimum xxxxx The xxxxxxxxx costs xxxx collection centres to disposable xxxxx xxx xxxxx xx a table as shown xx xxx following table.


xxxxx water

xxx Canos


xxxxxxxxxxxx (bbl)































Capacity (barrels)




xxxxx in the xxxxxxxxxxxx form:

Let Xij i=1,2,3,4,5,6; xxxxxxx xxxxxx the quantity xx waste xxxxxxxxxxx from xxxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx disposal centre. xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Z xxx xxxxxxxxxxx can be expressed xxx

Minimize Z=12X11+15X12+17X13+14X21+9X22+10X23+13X31+20X32+11X33+17X41+16X42+19X43+7X51+14X52+12X53+22X61+16X62+18X63

xxxxxxx to










Xij 0, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx j=1,2,3.

xxx The xxxxxxxx xx the Original Problem

The xxxxx problem xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx intermediates sites xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx the xxxxx xxxxxxxx are given xx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xlsx preview (105 words)

xxxxxxxx problem

X11 xxxxxxxxx X22xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx X51 xxx xxx xxxX62 xxx LHSxxxx RHS
xxxxxxxx12xx xx xx x xxxx xx 11 17xxxxx xxxxxx 1618
Kingspor11135 x35
Danville1 xx xx x26
xxxxx 11x xx x 42
Selma1x x 53= xx
Columbu xx x29 =29
Allentow x 1x38 xxx
xxxxxxxxxxx1 x x 11 65<=xx
xxx Canos 1xx x11xxxxxxxxxxxxx<= 80
Durasx 1 x1 x 1xxxxxxxxxxxxx<= xxx
Solutionxxx 0 0x26 0xxxx xx xxx 00x27.9999999385 10.0000000615 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Whitewater xxx Canos Duras xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
Kingsportxx xx17 35
xxxxxxxx14 9xx26
xxxxx 13xx xx42
xxxxx17xx 19 xx
xxxxxxxx7 xx xx 29
Allentown xx xx xx 38
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 65 80105

Modified problem

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxX23xxx X32xxx xxxX42X43xxx X52X53 xxx X62 X63xxxxxxx xxx
xxxxxxxx12 15xx xxx10 13 19 xxxx16xx x 1412 20 1617
xxxxxxxxxx 1xx= 35
Danvillex x 1 xx x xx
xxxxx1 x1 xx =xx
xxxxx 1 11 53.000000477= 53
Columbu1x 1 29 = xx
xxxxxxxxx x x38x xx
xxxxxxxxxx1 x1 x 1 x65.0000000285<x65
xxx xxxxxxxx 1x 1 xx<= xx
Duras1 x1xx1 xxxxxxxxxxxxx <x xxx
Solution 0.0000008126xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx0 260 x 0xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxx 29 x00380xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Optimal xxxx = xxxxxWhite water Los xxxxx Duras
Kingport xxxx
xxxxx 42
xxxxxx xx xx
Columbus 29
Allentown 38
Dummy 27

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