Assignment 4 Questions


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1.    There are several disciplines of service providers in mental health and disorders. What are the four major components of the mental health delivery system? Describe each of them. How are they funded?

2.    An interesting and innovative approach to care of American seniors is adult day care. What exactly is adult day care, where is it provided, and what role is it filling today in our communities? Would you personally utilize this service for a senior family member? Why, or why not?


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Part 1: What do you consider the role of assisted living programs in America? How is assisted living different from residence receiving care in a nursing home or rehabilitation center? Why is assisted living such a growing field of health care today?

Part 2: One of the career fields that should definitely come to the attention of CSU students is assisted living administration. Your training at CSU is a great start toward managing an assisted living facility, or perhaps even owning such a center. What could you do to prepare yourself for a career as administrator or CEO of an assisted living facility? What kinds of job opportunities currently exist in this field?



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