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Submitted by ronyro on Fri, 2013-06-07 23:16
due on Tue, 2013-06-11 22:50
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Assignment 3: Excel Problems

Assignment 3: Excel Problems

At the end of each module, you will apply the module’s concepts by completing comprehensive assignments from the textbook.

Complete problems P16A-17B (p. 898), P16A-19B (p. 899),  P18-24A (p. 979), P18-26A (p. 980) in your textbook.

Present your analysis of the assigned problems in Excel format. Enter non-numerical responses in the same worksheet using textboxes.

Submitted by accountguru on Sat, 2014-04-19 05:15
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Cost Accounting_Four questions

body preview (4 words)

xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx questions

file1.xlsx preview (466 words)


xxxx Paper xxxx
xxxxxx Units xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
Material Direct xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Units completed & xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Units650163 163163
Total 5,070 4,583xxxxx 4,583
xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx$575$6,240
xxxxxx xx Equivalent xxxxxxxxxx4,583 xxxxx
xxxx per xxxxxxxxxx unit $1.24$0.13 $1.36
Costs xxxxxxxxx xx
Units completed & xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx$6,019
xxxxxx Units 163xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxx$575$6,240


1. Draw a xxxx xxxx for xxx xxxxxxxxxxx Department
Preparation Department
xxxx Cut into xxxxx Bitsxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx Compression Department
xxxxxxxxxxx xx Compression xxxxxxxxxx
Actual UnitsEquivalents xxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxManufacturing xxxxxxxx
Units completed & transferred 1,900xxxxx 1,9001,900xxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx 630 x630 xxx
Totalxxxxxxxxxx1,900 2,530 xxxxx
Costs incurred $2,600$1,365xxxx$2,445
Number xx Equivalent xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
Cost xxx equivalent unit xxxxx$0.72 $0.25 $0.97
Costs allocated to
xxxxx completed & transferred xxxxx$1,953 $1,365 xxxx xxxxxx
Ending xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx $609
Totals$2,600 xxxxxx$640 xxxxxx
xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx the xxxx xx xxxxx completed and transferred xx the Comprehensive xxxxxxxxxx
Work in xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxx $5,634
Work in xxxxxxx x Preparationxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Work xx xxxxxxx - Preparation
Raw Material - Wood$2,600 xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx department xxxxxx
Raw Material - Adhesivesxxxxxx Balance x xxxxxx WIP $1,416
Direct xxxxx$640
xxxxxxxxxxxxx Overhead $2,445


British xxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx each xxxx
xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx per xxxxxx xxx
xxxxx Revenue$60,000
Variable xxxxx
Cast x xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx per xxxx $300

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by xstria on Mon, 2015-11-09 16:21
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ACC201 Module 4 Assignment 3 Problems

body preview (4 words)

xxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx x Problems

file1.docx preview (235 words)


xxxxxxxxxx xx Accounting x xxxxxx xxx


xxxx xxx 2014

xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxx

Straight-Line xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx



Date xxxx

Deprecation xxx the year’xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx

Accumulated Book Deprecation xxxxx


xxx 9, 2010 $67,000

xxxxx * $52,300 $13,075

xxxxxxx $53,925

xxx xx 2011

0.25 * $52,300 $13,075

xxxxxxx $40,850

Jan xx xxxx

0.25 x $52,300 $13,075

xxxxxxx $14,700

Jan xx xxxx

xxxx x $52,300 $13,075

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Think the problem xxxx xx xxx ¼ percent xx a year is 0.25 xxxxxxx xx 0.20 this took me three xxxxx xx get it correct and yet I xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx − xxxxxxxx =$52,300 / 4 x xxxxxxx

Unit of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxx Cost

Deprecation for the Year Deprecation Number of Deprecation xxx xxxx Units xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Value xxxxxxx

Jan xx xxxx $67,000

$0.40 * xxxxxx xxxxxx

$12,000 xxxxxx

xxx xx xxxx

xxxx * 10,000 4,000

xxxxx xxxxxx

xxx 9, xxxx

xxxx x 40,000 xxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxx

xxx 9, 2013

0.40 * xxxxxx xxxxxx


xxx xx xxxx

xxxx * x

Depreciation = Number of Units Produce × xxxxx − xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Life xx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Engineer Maxw... on Thu, 2015-01-22 11:41
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body preview (0 words)

file1.xlsx preview (589 words)


xxxxxxx British Productions
xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx sold per show xxxxx
x xxxxx xxx ticket$50
xxxxx revenue xxx xxxx $ xxxxxx
Direc labor xxxx per show (70 x xxxxx x 21,000
Other xxxxxxxx xxxx (1,200 x xxxxxxxx
Total xxxxxxxx cost xxx xxxx $ xxxxxx
xxxxx x - number of shows to break-even
NI = xxxxx x xxxxx x xx
xx x xxxxxxxxxx - $29,400(X) - $459,000
$0 = xxxxxxxxxx x $29,400(X) x xxxxxxxx
-$30,600X x -$459,000
x x -$459,000 / xxxxxxxx
x x xx
3)Required no. of shows = Fixed cost + Desired xxxxxx
Contribution margin xxx show
xxxxxxxx xxx of shows x $459,000 x xxxxxxxxxx
$60,000 - $29,400
Required no. of xxxxx = xxxxxxxxxx
Required no. of xxxxx x xxx
xxxx xx not xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx they can xxxx have xxx shows per xxxxx
xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Statement
xxx xxx year xxxx
xxxxx revenue (120 x $60,000)x xxxxxxxxx
Less: Variable xxxx (120 x xxxxxxxx3,528,000
Contribution margin $ xxxxxxxxx
Less: xxxxx xxxx459,000
Net operating income x 3,213,000
P18-26A Big Time Investor xxxxx
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx fixed costs:
Office xxxx$ xxxxx
Depreciation xxxxxxx1,500
Utilities xxxxxxx xxxxx
Special telephone lines 1,300
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
Salary xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx monthly fixed xxxxx x 28,000
2nd xxxxx compute the breakeven xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxx xx $ = xxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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