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Assignment 2: Course Project—Genesis Cash Budget ReportThe Genesis operations management team is now preparing to implement the operating expansion plan....

Assignment 2: Course Project—Genesis Cash Budget Report

The Genesis operations management team is now preparing to implement the operating expansion plan. Previously the firm’s cash position did not pose a challenge. However, the planned foreign expansion requires Genesis to have a reliable source of funds for both short-term and long-term needs.

One of Genesis’s potential lenders tells the team that in order to be considered as a viable customer, Genesis must prepare and submit a monthly cash budget for the current year and a quarterly budget for the subsequent year. The lender will review the cash budget and determine whether or not Genesis can meet the loan repayment terms. Genesis’s ability to repay the loan depends not only on sales and expenses but also on how quickly the company can collect payment from customers and how well it manages its supplier terms and other operating expenses. The Genesis team members agreed that being fully prepared with factual data would allow them to maximize their position as well as negotiate favorable financing terms.

The Genesis management team held a brainstorming session to chart a plan of action, which is detailed here.

Evaluate historical data and prepare assumptions that will drive the planning process.

Produce a detailed cash budget that summarizes cash inflow, outflow, and financing needs.

Identify and compare interest rates, both short-term and long-term, using debt and equity.

Analyze the financing mix (short/long) and the cost associated with the recommendation.

Since this expansion is critical to Genesis Corporation expanding into new overseas markets, the operations management team has been asked to prepare an executive summary with supporting details for Genesis’s senior executives.

Working over a weekend, the management team developed realistic assumptions to construct a working capital budget.

Sales: The marketing expert and the newly created customer service personnel developed sales projections based on historical data and forecast research.

Other cash receipt: Rental income $15,000 per month.

Production material: The production manager forecasted material cost based on cost quotes from reliable vendors, the average of which is 50 percent of sales.

Other production cost: Based on historical cost data, this cost on an average is 30 percent of the material cost and occurs in the month after material purchase.

Selling and marketing expense: Five percent of sales

General and administrative expense: Twenty percent of sales

Interest payments: Payable in December – $75, 000

Tax payments: Quarterly due 15th of April, July, October, and January – $15,000

Minimum cash balance desired: – $ 25,000 per month

Cash balance start of month (December):$15,000

Available short-term annual interest rate is 8 percent, long-term debt rate is 9 percent, and long-term equity is 10 percent. All funds would be available the first month when the firm encounters a deficit.

Dividend payment: None

Based on this information, do the following:

Using the Cash Budget spreadsheet, calculate a detailed company cash budget for the forthcoming year. Summarize the sources and uses of cash, and identify the external financing needs for the forthcoming two (2) years.

Cash Budget

Download this Excel spreadsheet to view the company’s cash budget. You will calculate the company’s cash budget for the forthcoming year using this information.

In an executive-level report, summarize the company's financing needs for the forecast period and provide your recommendations for financing the planned activities. Be sure to comment on the following:

a) Your recommended financing solution and cost to the firm: If Genesis needs operating cash, how should it fund this need? Are there internal policy changes with regard to collections or payables management you would recommend? What types of external financing are available?

b) Your concerns associated with the firm's cash budget. Is this a sign of weak sales performance or poor cost control? Why or why not?

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Assignment 2 Course Project—Genesis Cash Budget Report Assignment 2 Course Project—Genesis Cash Budget Report (NEW COURSE) A+++ Graded Already Use as Guide

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Assignment xx LASA 1—xxxxxxx Cash Budget xxxxxx 

Assignment xx xxxxxx Project—xxxxxxx xxxx Budget xxxxxx




xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx

Introduction/about xxx xxxxxxx

xx xx known xxxx xxx organization xx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx some xx expansion xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx discussed xx last meeting. For expansion xxxxx xxx first step is to evaluate xxxx position of organization xxx xx understand xxx extent xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx plan.Till xxxx xx xxx xxx have any kind xx xxxxxxx xx terms xx cash xxxxxxxx xxx hence external xxxxxxxxx was xxx xx all needed. But xxxx we xxx talking xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx plans, it xx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx initially xxx expansion xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx everything has been xxxxxxxxxxxx

Also xxxxxxx important factor to xxxxxxxx would be source xx xxxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxxxxxx can xxxx xxxx There xxx be three xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx evaluate:



Mix xx the

- - - more text follows - - -

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Genesis xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx
Monthly BudgetQuarterly Budget
DecJanFeb March AprilxxxJuneJulyAug xxxxxxxxxx Decxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx only)xxxxxxx 200,000 350,000xxxxxxx500,000 xxxxxxx 700,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx900,000850,000 750,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Cash xxxxxxxxxxx on xxxxx
xxx in xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx 20,000 xxxxxx40,000 50,000 55,00070,000 70,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx85,00075,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx 19,000 300,000 240,000
25% xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx125,000xxxxxxx175,000xxxxxxx 162,500xxxxxxx 212,500xxxxxxx150,00044,167515,833xxxxxxx
35% xx second month xxxxx salexxxxxxx 70,000122,500 140,000xxxxxxx 192,500 245,000 xxxxxxx227,500 315,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx980,000
30% in third xxxxx xxxxx sale90,000xxxxxx105,000120,000 150,000 xxxxxxx210,000xxxxxxx195,000270,000 xxxxxxx 45,000xxxxxx xxxxxxx
Other Cash Receipts15,00015,00015,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx15,000 xxxxxx 15,000xxxxxx 15,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 45,000xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 110,000 205,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx517,500xxxxxxx665,000 xxxxxxx 762,500812,500 820,0001,295,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2,815,000
xxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Purchases xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx150,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 200,000250,000275,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 425,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 95,000 1,500,000 1,200,000
Payment xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 150,000 xxxxxxx 175,000 200,000 xxxxxxx275,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx325,000 450,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx88,333xxxxxxxxx 1,300,000
100% in month after purchase
xxxxx Cash Paymentsxxxxxx 30,000xxxxxx60,000 75,000xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx97,500xxxxxxx127,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 26,500 xxxxxxx 390,000
xxxxx production xxxx xxx xx Material xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxx Marketing xxxxxxx15,00010,000 17,50020,000xxxxxx 27,500 35,000xxxxxxxxxxxx45,00042,500 37,500 25,000xxxxxxxxxx150,000xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxx Adminstrative xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 40,000 xxxxxx80,000 100,000110,000140,000 140,000 130,000180,000 170,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx600,000480,000
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx 75,000
Tax Paymentxxxxxx 15,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Payment
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx217,500 327,500xxxxxxx 462,500 532,500xxxxxxx 617,500 647,500812,500740,000702,500xxxxxxx 177,333xxxxxxxxx2,380,000
xxx Cash Gain/(Loss)-135,000 -12,500 -25,000 -52,500 -22,500 xxxxxxx-42,500 47,50075,000-50,000xxxxxx xxxxxxx 977,500xxxxxx xxxxxxxx435,000
xxxx Flow xxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx month15,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 147,50097,500 170,000xxxxxxx1,265,000xxxxxxxxx504,000
Net Cash Gain/lossxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx -25,000-52,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -42,500xxxxxx75,000 xxxxxxx 72,500117,500977,500xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Cash xxxxxxx at xxx xx xxxxx -120,000xxxxxx 0-27,500xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 72,500xxxxxxx97,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx939,000
xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx25,000 25,000 25,000 25,00025,000 25,000 xxxxxx25,000 25,000 25,000xxxxxx 25,000xxxxxx25,000 25,000
Surplus cash xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-25,000-52,500 -22,500 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 47,500122,50072,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx1,240,000 xxxxxxxxx 479,000 914,000
External xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Financing xxxxxxx0xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 182,500 xxxxxxx257,500 272,500 315,000 315,000 315,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx315,000 xxxxxxx315,000
xx start of xxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxx Required -145,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-22,500 -15,000-42,500 x0x xx x00 0
(negative xxxxxx xxxx xxxx
suplus xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Financing Requirement145,000xxxxxx 25,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx42,500x 0x x 00x0x
External Financing xxxxxxxxxxxxxx157,500 182,500235,000 xxxxxxx272,500315,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 315,000xxxxxxx315,000315,000



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A+ answer for u - use this as a guide

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xxxxx you so much xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx tutorial. x xx very poor xxx earn xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx tutorials for you. xxxxxxx help me xx giving x xxxx xxxxxx xx this answer Well, Also, x xxxxxx xxxxxxx you xx xxxxx me xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx help this poor person xx make my livelihood. Please help me xx further refine xx services towards xxx by refering.

xx u need xxx xxxx xx help xxxx the xxxx of xxx class xx xxxxx xxxxxxx ..please let me xxxx xx,

x would be happy to xxxx :))


best xxxxxxx


file1.docx preview (1534 words)

Running xxxxx xx

Running head: Genesis xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx 9

Genesis Cash budget xxxxxx






xxxxxxx xxxx budget report

The xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx operating expansion xx proposed by Genesis xxxxxxxxx management team xxxx requires xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx pursuance of xxx expansion xxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx has been prepared xxxxxxxxxxx the cash inflows and outflows and xxxxxxxxx needs for xxx xxxx expansion xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx to xxxxxxxx excel xxxxx xxx detailed xxxx budget). “A cash budget is x xxxxxxxx showing projected xxxx xxxxxxx and outflows xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx The cash xxxxxx is xxxx to xxxxxxx cash xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx and xx is the xxxxxxx cash xxxxxxxxxx planning tool.” (Brigham, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx preparation xx cash budget xx xxxx required xx xxxxx xx xx considered as xxxxxx xxxxxxxx in the eyes xx the lenders. xx xxxxx xx reviewed by the xxxxxxx xx judge the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx the

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xlsx preview (454 words)


xxxxxxx xxxx Budget xxxxxx
Monthly xxxxxx Quarterly Budget
Decxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx Julyxxxxxxx xxxNov Decxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxx
Sales xxxxxxxxxx only)xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx500,000550,000700,000 700,000650,000 900,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 150,000 190,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx on Sales
xxx in xxxxx of salexxxxxxxxxxxx35,000xxxxxx xxxxxx55,00070,000 xxxxxx65,000xxxxxx85,000 75,000xxxxxxxxxxxx 19,000300,000xxxxxxx
xxx xx first month xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx50,000 xxxxxx100,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 175,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx212,500xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 44,167 515,833 650,000
35% xx second month xxxxx sale 105,000 70,000 122,500 140,000175,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx315,000297,500 455,000 xxxxxx394,333xxxxxxx
30% xx xxxxx month after xxxx90,000 xxxxxx xxxxxxx 120,000 xxxxxxx165,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 195,000 xxxxxxx 630,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx Cash Receiptsxxxxxx 15,00015,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 15,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 15,000 45,00045,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx
Total xxxx Inflow xxxxxx xxxxxxx 205,000xxxxxxx347,500440,000xxxxxxx 602,500 665,000 722,500762,500812,500 xxxxxxx1,295,000 xxxxxxx1,304,167 2,253,000
Cash Outflows
Material xxxxxxxxx (reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 250,000xxxxxxx 350,000 350,000 325,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx75,000xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Payment xxx xxxxxxxx Purchase
100% in month after purchase150,000 100,000 175,000200,000 xxxxxxx 275,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 375,000300,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1,300,000
Other xxxx Payments
Other production cost xxx45,000 30,000 xxxxxx 60,00075,000 xxxxxx105,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxx 135,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 90,000xxxxxx xxxxxxx390,000
xx Material cost xxxx xxxxx
xxxxx Purchase
Selling and xxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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A+ Solution - Reliable - Perfect with APA format Fomratting - All Points Covered and Already Graded 5 / 5 - A Solution you can Trust

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xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx






xxxxxxx Cash Position

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx

xx xx known xxxx now xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx to xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx expansion xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx discussed in xxxx meeting. xxx xxxxxxxxx plan, the first xxxx xx to xxxxxxxx cash xxxxxxxx xx organization and to understand the xxxxxx of financing xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx plan.Till xxxx we xxx not xxxx xxx xxxx of problem xx xxxxx xx xxxx position xxx hence external financing was xxx xx all xxxxxxx But when we are xxxxxxx xxxxx new xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx it xx xxxxxxxxx xx understand cash xxxxxx initially for xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx once everything has xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

Also xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx to xxxxxxxx would xx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx can be xxxxx xxxxx of financing that we xxx xxxxxxxxx



xxx of the xxx

The financing xxx to be xxxxxxxx xxxxx we are planning xxx foreign expansion. The xxxxxxxxx can be done xxxx xxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xlsx preview (195 words)


Genesis Cash Budget xxxxxx
Monthly Budgetxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxJan xxx xxxxxAprilMayJune July Aug xxxx Oct xxx xxxMarchxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxx
Sales xxxxxxxxxx only) xxxxxxx 200,000 350,000400,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx700,000700,000650,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 750,000 500,000xxxxxxx 190,000xxxxxxxxx2,400,000
Cash xxxxxxxxxxx xx Sales
10% xx xxxxx xx xxxx30,000xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx90,000xxxxxx75,000xxxxxx xxxxxx19,000300,000 xxxxxxx
xxx in xxxxx xxxxx after sale75,000xxxxxxxxxxxx100,000xxxxxxx 137,500 175,000 xxxxxxx162,500 xxxxxxx212,500 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 515,833xxxxxxx
xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx after sale xxxxxxx 70,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 192,500245,000 245,000xxxxxxx 315,000297,500 xxxxxxx57,167 394,333980,000
xxx xx third month xxxxx xxxx90,000 xxxxxx 105,000 xxxxxxx 150,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 195,000 270,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx Cash xxxxxxxx15,000 15,000 15,000xxxxxx 15,000xxxxxx 15,000 15,000xxxxxx 15,000 15,000 xxxxxx15,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx 45,000 45,000
xxxxx Cash xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 205,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 602,500665,000 722,500xxxxxxx812,500 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx1,312,167 xxxxxxxxx
Cash xxxxxxxx
Material Purchases xxxxxxxxxx only) xxxxxxx100,000xxxxxxx 200,000250,000 275,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 450,000 425,000375,000250,000 xxxxxx 95,000 xxxxxxxxx1,200,000
xxxxxxx xxx Material xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 175,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 350,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 425,000xxxxxxx 175,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1,300,000
100% in xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx Cash xxxxxxxx45,000 xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 82,500105,000 xxxxxxx 97,500135,000127,500xxxxxxxxxxxxx26,500 309,500xxxxxxx
Other xxxxxxxxxx xxxx 30% of xxxxxxxx xxxx paid xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxx Marketing Expense 15,000xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx27,500xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 45,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx 25,0007,500xxxxx 150,000 120,000
xxxxxxx xxx Adminstrative xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 40,00070,000 xxxxxx 100,000xxxxxxx 140,000 140,000130,000 xxxxxxx170,000 xxxxxxx 100,00030,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx480,000
Interest Paymentxxxxxx xxxxxx
Tax Payment 15,000 15,000 xxxxxx15,00015,000 15,000 xxxxxx 15,000
Dividend Payment
Total xxxx Outlfows 75,000 xxxxxxx 217,500 327,500400,000xxxxxxx532,500645,000617,500 647,500812,500 xxxxxxx702,500 317,500177,3332,106,167xxxxxxxxx
xxx Cash Gain/(Loss) -135,000 xxxxxxx-25,000 xxxxxxx -22,500xxxxxxx -42,500xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx117,500xxxxxxx xxxxxx -794,000xxxxxxx
Cash xxxx Summary
xxxx Balance start of xxx xxxxx 15,000xxxxxx25,00025,000xxxxxx 25,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 170,000287,500 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Net xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx -12,500 -25,000-52,500-22,500 -15,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx 75,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx977,500 xxxxxx -794,000xxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxx at xxx xx month xxxxxxxx12,5000-27,5002,500 10,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx147,500 xxxxxx170,000 287,500xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx504,000 xxxxxxx
Minium xxxx Balance desiredxxxxxxxxxxxx25,000xxxxxx 25,000 25,000 xxxxxx 25,00025,000 xxxxxx25,000 xxxxxx25,000xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Surplus xxxx (deficit) -145,000-12,500xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -15,000 xxxxxxx 47,500 122,50072,500145,000xxxxxxx 1,240,000 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
External Financing xxxxxxx
External xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx0 145,000157,500 xxxxxxx235,000257,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx315,000xxxxxxx 315,000315,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx315,000
xx xxxxx xx xxxxx
xxx Financing Required-145,000 xxxxxxx-25,000xxxxxxx-22,500-15,000 -42,500 x 0 0x 0 00x x
xxxxxxxxx amount from xxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Financing Requirement145,00012,500 25,000 xxxxxx22,500 15,000 42,500 0x 0x x0 0 0 x
External xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx145,000157,500182,500 235,000 xxxxxxx 272,500315,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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100% Perfect A+++ Tutorial Guide Assignment 2: Course Project—Genesis Cash Budget Report use as Guide

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file1.docx preview (1485 words)

xxxxxxxxxx 2: xxxx 1—Genesis xxxx Budget Report 

Genesis xxxx xxxxxxxx

Introduction/about the xxxxxxx

It xx xxxxx xxxx xxx organization xx xxxxx to xxxxxxxxx some xx expansion plans that have xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx last meeting. xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx the first step xx to xxxxxxxx xxxx position of organization and to understand the xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx needed for expansion xxxxxxxxx now, xx did not have xxx xxxx of problem xx terms xx cash position xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx financing xxx xxx xx xxx needed. xxx xxxx xx xxx talking xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx plans, it xx xxxxxxxxx xx understand xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxx and xxxx flows once everything xxx been implemented.

Also xxxxxxx important factor xx xxxxxxxx would be xxxxxx xx financing xxxx organization xxx xxxx for. There can xx xxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxx that xx xxx evaluate:



xxx xx xxx xxx

The financing has xx be reliable xxxxx we xxx planning xxx foreign xxxxxxxxxx xxx financing xxx be

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xlsx preview (195 words)


xxxxxxx Cash xxxxxx ($000)
Monthly Budgetxxxxxxxxx Budget
xxx xxxxxx MarchAprilMayxxxxJuly xxxSept OctNovxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx
xxxx xxxxxx
Sales xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 350,000400,000500,000550,000 700,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 900,000 850,000 750,000500,000 150,000 xxxxxxx 3,000,000 2,400,000
xxxx Collections xx xxxxx
10% xx month of xxxx 30,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx50,000 55,000xxxxxx70,000 xxxxxx90,00085,000 xxxxxx 50,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx300,000240,000
xxx xx first month after xxxx75,000 50,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 150,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 650,000
35% in xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 140,000175,000xxxxxxx245,000 245,000xxxxxxx 315,000 xxxxxxx 455,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx in third month after xxxx 90,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 120,000 150,000xxxxxxx 210,000 210,000195,000270,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 57,000 900,000
Other Cash xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 15,000 15,000xxxxxxxxxxxx15,000xxxxxx 15,000 15,000 xxxxxx15,000 xxxxxx15,000 45,00045,00045,00045,000
Total xxxx Inflow 45,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx440,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 722,500xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxx Outflows
xxxxxxxx Purchases (reference only) xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 175,000 xxxxxxx250,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 350,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx75,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Payment xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx150,000100,000xxxxxxx 200,000 250,000xxxxxxx 350,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 375,000 175,00088,333xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxx xx month xxxxx purchase
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 30,000 xxxxxx 60,000xxxxxx82,500 xxxxxxx 105,000 97,500 135,000127,500 xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Other production xxxx 30% of xxxxxxxx xxxx paid month after xxxxxxxx
Selling xxx Marketing xxxxxxx15,00010,000 17,50020,000 25,000 xxxxxx35,000 xxxxxx 32,500 xxxxxx42,500 37,500 xxxxxx 7,500 9,500 150,000xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx and Adminstrative expenses60,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 110,000140,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx170,000150,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx600,000480,000
xxxxxxxx Paymentxxxxxx 75,000
Tax xxxxxxx15,00015,000 xxxxxx15,000xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx
Dividend Payment
Total xxxx Outlfows75,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 462,500xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 647,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx-25,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx-15,000xxxxxxx47,50075,000xxxxxxx72,500xxxxxxx977,50033,000-794,000 xxxxxxx
xxxx Flow Summary
Cash Balance xxxxx xx xxx xxxxx 15,000xxxxxx 25,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx72,500147,50097,500xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1,298,000xxxxxxx
xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx-135,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx -22,500 -15,000xxxxxxx 47,500 xxxxxx-50,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -794,000xxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxx xx end xx month -120,000xxxxxx0-27,500xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx72,500147,500xxxxxx 170,000 287,500xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Minium cash xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 25,000 25,00025,000 25,00025,000 25,000 xxxxxx25,000 xxxxxx 25,000xxxxxx xxxxxx25,000 xxxxxx25,00025,000
Surplus cash (deficit) -145,000-12,500xxxxxxx -52,500-22,500-15,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 72,500xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx914,000
External xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
External Financing Balance x 145,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 235,000257,500272,500xxxxxxx315,000 315,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 315,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xx xxxxx of month
New Financing xxxxxxxx-145,000 xxxxxxx-25,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx-15,000 -42,500xx xx 0x xxx
(negative xxxxxx xxxx cash
xxxxxx (deficit)
External xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx145,000 xxxxxx25,000 xxxxxx 22,500 15,000 42,500 x x00 xx x x x
External Financing Balancexxxxxxx157,500xxxxxxx 235,000 257,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 315,000 315,000 xxxxxxx315,000315,000



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Assignment 2: LASA 1—Genesis Cash Budget Report in Details (8 Pages)__GOOD QUALITY & DEPTH ANALYSIS__ANSWERS YOU CAN TRUST !!!!!!!

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xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx 1—Genesis xxxx xxxxxx Report xx Details xx Pages)__GOOD QUALITY & xxxxx ANALYSIS__ANSWERS YOU xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx

file1.doc preview (1957 words)

xxxxxxxxx Summary

xxxx xx xxx important xxxxxxx xxxxx for the operations of the business. xxxx xxxxxxxx is a xxxxxxxxx to plan xxx control the use xx xxxxx The xxxxxxx xxxx is xxxxx xx xx Genesis Corporation through a critical expansion into new xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx The firm’s xxxx position did xxx pose any challenge xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx must be xxxxxxxx xx implement the operating expansion xxxx through xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx of funds xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx needs.

xxxx xxxxxx is the most xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx plan xxx xxx control cash receipts and xxxxxxxxxx cash xxxxxx xx x summary xxxxxxxxx of xxx firm’s expected xxxx inflows xxx outflows xxxx x xxxxxxxxx time xxxxxxx Cash forecasts xxx needed xx prepare cash budgets. A xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx for the xxxxxxx xxxx and a quarterly budget for xxx subsequent xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx submitted xx this report paper. Evaluating historical data, xxxxxxxx trends xx sales, xxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxx some xxxxxxxxx assumptionsare

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xls preview (189 words)

xxxx xxxxxx & Financing

xxxxxxx Cash Budget xxxxxx xxxxxxx Budget Quarterly xxxxxx
Cash xxxxxxxxxNov xxx Jan xxxMarch xxxxx May xxxx July xxx xxxxxxx Nov xxx March June xxxxDec
Sales xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx300,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx200,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 700,000xxxxxxx900,000 xxxxxxx 750,000500,000 150,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx Sales
xxx xx xxxxx xx sale 30,000 xxxxxx30,000 xxxxxx35,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx55,00070,000 xxxxxx 65,000 90,000 85,00075,000 xxxxxx15,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx 24,000
xxx in xxxxx month xxxxx xxxx 75,000xxxxxx xxxxxx 50,00087,500100,000 125,000 137,500xxxxxxx xxxxxxx162,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 125,000 xxxxxx47,500 xxxxxx
35% in xxxxxx xxxxx after sale 105,000105,000 105,000 70,000122,500 xxxxxxx 175,000 xxxxxxx245,000 245,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 297,500 262,500175,000 52,500xxxxxx
30% in xxxxx xxxxx after sale xxxxxx 90,000 xxxxxx 60,000 105,000 xxxxxxx150,000xxxxxxx210,000210,000 xxxxxxx270,000 255,000 xxxxxxx150,000xxxxxx
xxxxx Cash Receipts15,000xxxxxx15,000 xxxxxx15,000 15,000 15,000 xxxxxx15,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx15,00015,000 15,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx 15,000 xxxxxx15,000
Total xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx440,000 517,500602,500 xxxxxxx 722,500xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 820,000 672,500xxxxxxx295,000 225,500
xxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Purchases (reference only)150,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx100,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx275,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 325,000450,000425,000xxxxxxx250,00075,00095,000150,000xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx Purchase
100% in xxxxx xxxxx purchase150,000 xxxxxxx150,000100,000 175,000 200,000 xxxxxxx275,000350,000 xxxxxxx325,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 250,000 75,000 95,000150,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx 30% xx xxxxxxxx cost xxxx xxxxx xxxxx Purchase 45,000xxxxxx 45,000 xxxxxx52,50060,000xxxxxx xxxxxx105,000 105,000 xxxxxx135,000xxxxxxx112,50075,000 xxxxxx 28,500xxxxxx
xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx Expense15,000xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx17,500xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 32,500 45,000xxxxxx xxxxxx25,000xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx 12,000
General and Adminstrative xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 60,000 60,000xxxxxx 70,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx110,000 140,000 140,000xxxxxxx180,000 170,000150,000xxxxxxx xxxxxx38,000 xxxxxx48,000
Interest Paymentxxxxxx75,000
Tax xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx15,00015,000 15,000
xxxxxxxx Payment
xxxxx Cash Outlfows245,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx385,000462,500 547,500 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx797,500 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 213,500 345,000
xxx Cash xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx-40,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx-27,50047,500xxxxxx-35,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx295,000xxxxxxx81,500 -119,500
Cash Flow Summary
Cash xxxxxxx xxxxx of the month15,00075,000xxxxxxx112,500 xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 26,973xxxxxx102,260 xxxxxx139,760xxxxxxx552,260 863,760945,260
Net xxxx Gain/loss 60,00077,500 xxxxxxx -37,500 xxxxxxx-30,000 -27,500 xxxxxx60,000-35,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx311,500 81,500-119,500
Total Cash xxxxxx152,500 112,50075,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx74,473 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx257,260xxxxxxxxxxxxxx945,260 xxxxxxx
External xxxxxxxxx 0 x0 x 0 4,00032,000 000xx 0 x 0 x
xxxxxxxxx of borrowing and xxxxxxxx0 0x 0 0x 4,02732,213 x x 0x000 0
Cash Balance at end xx xxxxx xxxxxx 152,500 xxxxxxx75,000 52,500 xxxxxx26,973 xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 552,260 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 825,760
xxxxxx cash xxxxxxx desiredxxxxxx 25,000xxxxxx25,000 25,00025,00025,00025,000 25,000 25,000 xxxxxx 25,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx25,000xxxxxx
Surplus xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx50,00027,500 1,500xxxxx 17,260xxxxxx 42,260 xxxxxxx232,260 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx800,760
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Summary
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Balance at xxxxx xx month 0 x 0 0 0 0 xxxxx 32,213x0 x 0x x0 0
New xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx suplus xxxxxxxxxxx0 x x 2,50026,000 0x 0 x x xx0 0
xxxxxxxxx Requirement 0 0 00 x 2,50030,027xxxxxx x0x x 0 00 0
xxxxxx Financing from xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 0 x x x 4,00032,000 x0 0x 00xx0
xxxxxxxxx (month xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 0x xxxxxxx 32,21300 x 0 x 0 x0

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Submitted by Biowizard90 on Sun, 2015-09-06 17:21
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Assignment 2: Genesis Cash Position Analysis

body preview (628 words)

The xxxxxxx xxxxxx operations xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx now preparing to implement xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx cash xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx a challenge. However, the xxxxxxx foreign xxxxxxxxx requires xxxxxxx xxxxxx to xxxx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx for both xxxxxxxxxx xxx long-term needs.

xxx of Genesis xxxxxxxxxx potential xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx team xxxx in order to xx considered xx a xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Genesis Energy xxxx prepare and xxxxxx a xxxxxxx cash budget for xxx xxxxxxx year and x quarterly xxxxxx for the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx The lender will review the cash budget and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx Energy can meet xxx xxxx repayment xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx ability xx repay xxx loan depends xxx only on sales and xxxxxxxx but xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxx company xxx collect payment xxxx xxxxxxxxx and how well it manages its supplier terms xxx other operating expenses. xxx xxxxxxx Energy team members agreed xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx with xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx allow them

- - - more text follows - - - preview (2130 words)

xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Genesis Cash Budget ($000)
xxxxxxx Budgetxxxxxxxxx Budget
xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxJulyxxx xxxxxxxNovDec xxxxxJune xxxxDec
Cash Inflow
Sales xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 300,000 200,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx550,000700,000 700,000 650,000 900,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx150,000xxxxxxx 3,000,0002,400,000
Cash Collections xx Sales
10% xx month of sale30,000xxxxxx 35,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx55,00070,00070,000 65,000 xxxxxx85,00075,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx 19,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xx xxxxx xxxxx after xxxx75,000 xxxxxx 87,500 100,000 125,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx175,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 187,500 150,000xxxxxx515,833 xxxxxxx
xxx in xxxxxx month xxxxx xxxx 105,000xxxxxx xxxxxxx140,000175,000xxxxxxx245,000245,000227,500 315,000 297,500xxxxxxxxxxxxx 394,333xxxxxxx
30% in third month after xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 105,000xxxxxxx 150,000 165,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx270,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx 57,000900,000
Other xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx15,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx15,00015,000 15,00015,000 xxxxxx15,000xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx45,000 45,000
xxxxx Cash Inflow45,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx517,500xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 722,500 762,500xxxxxxxxxxxxxx1,295,000210,333 1,312,167 xxxxxxxxx
Cash Outflows
Material Purchases (reference xxxxx xxxxxxx 100,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx250,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 325,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 375,000250,000xxxxxxxxxxxx1,500,0001,200,000
xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 100,000175,000200,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx350,000xxxxxxx325,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx375,000 xxxxxxx 88,333 1,031,667 1,300,000
100% in xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxx

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Submitted by schoolbench on Mon, 2016-05-30 11:42
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body preview (19 words)

xxxxxx xxx attached file Its xxxxxxx used by x xxxxxxxx Answers are xxxxxxxx xxx use only xx a xxxxx preview (2410 words)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Plan.docx

xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx - CASH POSITION xxxxxxxxxx

GENESIS ENERGY - xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Assignment Title

xxxxxxx xxxx

Course Name

Instructor Name


xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxx to xxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx of expansion. There xxx three xxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxx xxxx at the xxxxxxxx xxxx of 8% xxx annum, xxxxxxxxx loan xx xxx xxxxxxxx rate of xx xxx xxxxxxx long-term equity xxxxxxxxx at xxx rate of 10%. An xxxxxxxxx plan xx x xxxxxxxxx investment, xxx it xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx meet xxx capital xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx not xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Short-term xxxxxxxxx is xxxxxx xxxx xxx meeting the working capital xxxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx In this case, making xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx capital xxxx not be feasible xx xxx repayment of xxxx will be xxxxxx one year. xxxxx Genesis xxxx have xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx be used xxxx is long-term xxxx or long-term xxxxxx

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Submitted by shahimermaid on Wed, 2012-02-29 07:46
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the answer is in excel file, and there is a 2 page write up that explains the excel sheet.

body preview (46 words)

xxxxx xxx x excel xxxxx The xxxx with xxxxxxxx data xxx sales figures as given in question for xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx this appeared xxxxx so I xxxx added x xxxx xxxx xxx solved. it. The write xx xx to help xxx understand xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx excel xxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (219 words)


xxxxxxx Cash xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx June July xxxSept OctNovDec MarchJunexxxx xxx March
xxxx Inflow
Opening Balance
Sales (Reference only)xxxxxxx 200,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx550,000 xxxxxxx700,000 xxxxxxx900,000 xxxxxxx750,000 500,000 1,500,000 xxxxxxxxx 3,000,000 xxxxxxxxx
xxxx Collections xx Sales
xxx in month xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx70,00080,000 100,000110,000xxxxxxx140,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 380,000600,000 xxxxxxx
xxx in first month after xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx 105,000 120,000 150,000165,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 195,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 450,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx
35% xx xxxxxx month xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 175,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx315,000 297,500 xxxxxxx665,000 1050000840000
40% xx xxxxx xxxxx after sale120,000 80,000140,000160,000200,000 xxxxxxx280,000280,000xxxxxxx 360,000600,000xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxx Receipts 15,00015,000 xxxxxx 15,000 15,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx 15,00015,000xxxxxxxxxxxx15,000 15,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx45,00045,000
Total Cash Inflow 75,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx437,500xxxxxxx655,000 757,500xxxxxxx915,000 962,500995,000xxxxxxx345,000 xxxxxxx 1,740,000 2,690,000
xxxx xxxxxxxx
Material xxxxxxxxx (reference xxxxx150,000 100,000 175,000200,000 250,000 275,000 350,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx425,000 xxxxxxx250,000xxxxxxx 950,000xxxxxxxxx 1,200,000
xxxxxxx xxx Material xxxxxxxx
100% in xxxxx xxxxx purchasexxxxxxx100,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx350,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx250,000 750,000950,000 xxxxxxxxx1,200,000
Other Cash Payments
xxxxx production xxxx xxx45,000xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx105,000xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx 127,500xxxxxxx 225,000 285,000 450,000 360000
of xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxx
Selling and xxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xlsx preview (218 words)


xxxxxxx Cash Budget xxxxxx
Dec xxxxxx MarchAprilMay xxxxxxxxxxx Sept Oct xxxDecxxxxxxxxx Sept xxx March
Cash Inflow
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx only)300,000 200,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 500,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx700,000xxxxxxx 900,000xxxxxxx750,000 500,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxx Collections on xxxxx
xxx xx xxxxx of sale xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx80,000 xxxxxxx110,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 130,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 30,000 xxxxxx600,000480,000
xxx xx xxxxx month after salexxxxxx 60,000xxxxxxx120,000 150,000165,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 255,000 xxxxxxx45,000 57,000900,000720000
35% xx xxxxxx xxxxx after sale xxxxxxx70,000 xxxxxxx140,000 xxxxxxx 192,500xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 297,500 xxxxxx 66,5001050000 840000
40% xx third xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx 140,000xxxxxxx200,000 220,000 xxxxxxx280,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx76000
Other Case xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 15,000 15,000xxxxxx15,000 15,00015,000 15,00015,000xxxxxxxxxxxx 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000
Total xxxx Inflow 75,000 145,000250,000 390,000 437,500 xxxxxxx 655,000757,500820,000915,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 75,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxx Outflows
Material Purchases xxxxxxxxxx only) 150,000 xxxxxxx 175,000 200,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx375,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 1,500,000 xxxxxxxxx
Payment xxx Material xxxxxxxx
xxxx in xxxxx after purchase 150,000100,000175,000 200,000 250,000275,000 350,000 350,000xxxxxxx 450,000xxxxxxx375,000 75,000xxxxxx 1,500,0001,200,000
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx production cost 30% 45,00030,000xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx127,500 112,50022,500 28,500450,000xxxxxx
of xxxxxxxx cost xxxx xxxxx
after xxxxxxxx
Selling xxx Marketing Expensexxxxxx 10,000xxxxxxxxxxxx 25,000 27,500xxxxxx35,000 32,500 45,00042,500 xxxxxx 25,000xxxxx9,500150,000xxxxxxx
General xxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.docx preview (1060 words)

Genesis is xxxxxx xx make the cash budget for xxxxxx 2 xxxxxx xxx xxxxx cash budget xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx and xxx xxxxxx one xx prepared on xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx make the cash xxxxxx for xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxx xxx details about xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx therefore the cash xxxxxx is very xxxxx xx offset, I recommend that the company xxxxxx $ xx 50,000 at (5 for xxx year. The xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx of borrowing short xxxx for each month, xxx xxxxxxx will bear less xxxx also.

There xxxx three option: xx xxxxxx 2,00,000; xxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 2 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx borrow more often and xx the xxxxxxx borrows 3 lakh, xxxxx will xxxxxx be xxxxxx cash. xx xxxxxxxxx 2.50 lakh xxxxx xxx company xxxxxxxx in xxxx of xxx xxxxxxx

xx xxx xxxxx xx December Cash xxxxxx is xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx is 3,00,000. xxxxx xx x xxxxxxxxx xx 2,25,000. As the cash balance xx xxx xxxxxxxxx of December was 15,000, there xx x xxxxxxxxx xx $2,10,000. As xx desired,

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by humblejeff on Wed, 2012-02-29 07:46
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the answer is given below

body preview (4 words)

the xxxxxx is xxxxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (216 words)


Genesis xxxx xxxxxx ($000)
Dec Jan FebMarch April May xxxx JulyAugSeptxxxNov xxx xxxxx xxxx SeptDec
xxxx xxxxxx
Sales xxxxxxxxxx only) 300,000200,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 500,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 700,000650,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 500,000 150,000190,000xxxxxxxxx 2,400,000
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx Sales
20% in xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx40,000 70,00080,000100,000 xxxxxxx140,000 xxxxxxx130,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx150,000 xxxxxxx 30,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xx first xxxxx after xxxx90,00060,000105,000 120,000 150,000 xxxxxxx210,000210,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx255,000 225,000150,000 45,00057,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
35% xx second month after xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx140,000 175,000192,500 245,000 245,000 xxxxxxx 315,000297,500xxxxxxx 175,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1,050,000 xxxxxxx
40% in xxxxx month after sale 120,000 80,000xxxxxxx 160,000 xxxxxxx220,000xxxxxxx280,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 340,000xxxxxxx200,00060,00076,000xxxxxxxxx960,000
Other xxxx Receipts 15,000 15,000 xxxxxx15,000xxxxxx15,00015,00015,00015,000 xxxxxx15,00015,000xxxxxx xxxxxx15,000 150,000 150,000
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx452,500xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx890,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 640,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Cash xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Purchases xxxxxxxxxx only)
Payment xxx Material xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx250,000275,000 350,000350,000 325,000450,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 250,00075,000 95,0001,500,000xxxxxxxxx
100% in month xxxxx xxxxxxxx
Other xxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx90,000 60,000105,000120,000 xxxxxxx 165,000210,000210,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx255,000225,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx900,000xxxxxxx
of xxxxxxxx cost paid xxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxx Marketing Expense
xxxxxxx and Adminstrative xxxxxxxx 60,000xxxxxx70,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx180,000 xxxxxxx150,000 100,000xxxxxx 36,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Engineer Maxw... on Wed, 2015-03-11 07:30
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Genesis Energy Cash Position Analysis (A++)

body preview (0 words)

file1.docx preview (2105 words)

RUNNING xxxxx GENESIS xxxxxx - CASH xxxxxxxx ANALYSIS 1


xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx Position xxxxxxxx

Student’s Name:

xxxxxx xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx’x Name:


There xxx three options available for Genesis xx xxxxx xxx required xxxxxxx for xxx xxxxxxx of expansion. The three xxxxxxx xxxx short-term xxxx xx the interest xxxx of xx xxx annum, long-term loan at xxx interest xxxx xx 9% and xxxxxxx long-term xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx at xxx rate of xxxx An expansion plan is a long-term xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx long-term financing xx meet the capital xxxxxxxxxxxx and not xxxxxxxxxx financing.

xxxxxxxxxx financing is xxxxxx used xxx xxxxxxx xxx working xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx n.d.). xx xxxx case, making use of xxxxxxxxxx capital xxxx not be xxxxxxxx as the repayment of debt will xx xxxxxx one year. xxxxx xxxxxxx will have only xxx options to xx xxxx that xx xxxxxxxxx debt xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx financing xxx expansion

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xlsx preview (301 words)


Genesis Cash xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxx Quarterly Budget
xxx Janxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JulyAug Sept xxx Nov Decxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dec
Cash Inflow
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 200,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 500,000 xxxxxxx700,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 900,000 850,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx150,000 xxxxxxx3,000,0002,400,000
xxxx Collections xx Sales xxxxxxxxx 168,737 1,200,1672,960,476
10% xx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx50,000 xxxxxx70,000 70,00065,000 xxxxxx 85,000 75,000xxxxxx
25% in xxxxx xxxxx after sale xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 100,000 125,000137,500175,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
35% in second month after salexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx175,000192,500245,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
30% in third month after xxxx xxxxxx 60,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx150,000165,000xxxxxxx 210,000xxxxxxx270,000
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx15,000 15,000xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx15,000 xxxxxx15,00015,000 xxxxxx45,000 45,000xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx Cash Inflowxxxxxx 110,000 205,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx665,000 722,500 xxxxxxx 812,500820,0001,285,263213,737xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Cash Outflows
Material xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx only)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 175,000200,000 250,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx375,000 250,000 75,00095,0001,500,0001,200,000
xxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx Purchase
100% in xxxxx xxxxx purchase150,000 100,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 250,000275,000350,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 425,000 375,000 293,421 xxxxxxxxxxxxx1,514,286
xxxxx Cash xxxxxxxx
xxxxx production xxxx 30%
xx xxxxxxxx xxxx paid month
xxxxx xxxxxxxx 45,000 30,000 52,50060,00075,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 105,000xxxxxx135,000 127,500 112,50088,026 26,574 281,400 xxxxxxx
Selling xxx Marketing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx17,500xxxxxxxxxxxx 27,500xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx45,000 xxxxxx37,500 25,000 xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
General and xxxxxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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