It is critical that you thoroughly read and study the chapter readings prior to taking the final assessment. Focus on the sections of each chapter associated with the PrimeSuites exercies (for example, if there is a question labled 5.2, the chapter also has a section with that #). Success on the assesment relies upon both your competency in using PrimeSuites AND your understanding of the chapter content.


1. [LO 5.2] List the typical elements of a history of present illness.

2. [LO 5.5]List at least three drawbacks of handwritten patient charts.

3. [LO 5.3]In order for a practice to receive reimbursement for an ROS, what must happen?

4. [LO 5.4] Explain the factors that might influence the extent of a physical exam

5. [LO 5.1] List the four sections of a SOAP note and give an example of each.

6. [LOs 5.5, 5.6] Why is there still a need for medical transcriptionists in an age of voice recognition software?

7. [LO 5.3] List the typical organs and body systems that would be covered in a complete review of systems.

8. [LO 5.10] List one reason a provider might use a patient's problem list.

9. [LOs 5.3, 5.4] Contrast an ROS with a PE.

10. [LO 5.4] List four types of medical providers who might perform a physical exam.

11. [LO 5.8] Explain what it means to have interface capabilities with PrimeSUITE. What benefits does interfacing have?

12. [LO 5.9] List three benefits of PrimeSUITE's order tracking capabilities.

13. [LO 5.4] Based on Alexis Shaw's physical exam as documented in the text, what is her chief complaint? How did you determine your response?

14. [LO 5.6] Contrast voice recognition with speech recognition.

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