A. From each topic mentioned below (13 topics) respond to the following questions for each topic. Response should be precise and direct to the point at least 1-2 paragraph each question.

a. What was an "aha" (surprise/ discovery learning) from that topic?

b. What do you feel was your most important learning? Why?

c.How will you use, continue using what you learned from that topic "personally and professionally" Be specific

d.Was there something you didn't agree with? Why / Why not?. Be specific.

e.Write overall-thought reflection / comment regarding that specific topic.

Here are the topics: (Each of these topics should answer the five questions mentioned above)

  1. Knowing and Valuing Yourself
  2. Understanding Yourself Throughout the Life Span
  3. Exploring Values and Making Wise Choices
  4. Achieving Happiness and Satisfaction
  5. Experiencing and Expressing Emotion
  6. Improving Your Health
  7. Becoming a Positive Listener
  8. Improving Communication: How To Send Messages
  9. Improving Communication: What to Say
  10. Building Positive Relationship
  11. Succeeding in Your Career
  12. Developing and Enriching Intimate Relationship
  13. Strengthening Family Relationship

B. What do you feel made this "Understanding Self & Positive Relationship" class special? What do you think you enjoy/ like/ love about the way this class was designed? What can you suggest to your professor to do in a different way? What do you feel should she continue doing? (teaching).

C.Do you think you deserve an A grade from class? Why?

D. Explain in 2-3 paragraphs the meaning of the quote: When you are "green" you are GROWING! When you ripe... YOU ROT!

E. From the topic "Parenting Behaviors", what resonated you from this topic? your learning from it, and how you have or will use what you learned?

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